10 Tips for Stress-Free Travel
Posted on 28th July 2014, by Anna Schulze-Wenck.

10 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

We are all travellers…

Life is an onward journey only. At times life it is a quiet gentle river, sometimes its waves shake us roughly and spit us out onto foreign, inclemently shores.

Due to my profession I travel a lot – in some of the busiest years I did spent 50 days on airports and in airplanes. Keeping your cool is mandatory on those hectic travel days.

If you are going on a holiday you can be more relaxed than packing for a business trip, nonetheless it is equally shitty to forget stuff, experiencing a terrible flying day or having to cope with a bag full of flip-flops in a remote, ice cold outback.

Here is a list of travel tips from me to you:

  • 1. Check the weather prediction for your destination.
  • 2. Develop a packing list that fits your lifestyle – less is actually more. In worst cases you can still have the clothes washed.
  • 3. Flying in high altitudes is not healthy at all – one flight from Europe to the US equals an x-ray examination of the lungs in radiation. Drink plenty of water and take vitamins, skip the window seat, the radiation in the middle oft he plane is less high.

These are my recommendations for flights:

  • - Vitamin C in high doses
  • - Calcium / magnesium
  • - Reishi mushrooms (strong immune support)
  • - Ginseng
  • - Ashwaganda
  • - Coconut oil, which supports optimal thyroid health
  • - Kelp & other seaweeds (high in natural iodine)
  • - Zeolithes or bentonite clays
  • - Chlorella

  • 4. Seating on a plane is not a mystery since there are websites like seatguru.com, make a reservation early enough.
  • 5. Swap the wine for water, alcohol thickens the blood and that increases the risk of a medical crisis. You wonder how often there is an emergency and the callout for a doctor on board.
  • 6. You can order a special meal on your flight, but the chances for a free upgrade into a higher travelling class equal zero if you did so. Rather carry your own healthy snacks, this also erases a fast food hangover.
  • 7. Be the first at the gate, arrive early. Plus, if you have connecting flights, check that you have enough time in between, that also gives you the freedom to stretch, take a walk, drink and eat some healthy stuff.
  • 8. If possible avoid airports where your bags get lost, some of these are London, Barcelona and Paris.
  • 9. Buy TSA proofed locks, if the security has a problem with your suitcase at least they don´t have to crack your locks but can use a key.
  • 10. Change your smartphones lockscreen to a screenshot or a photo with your contact details, in case the phone gets lost the trick is awesome.


I do have a packing list for the business equipment and a to-do-list for my house, what to switch off and so on. So I just checkmark these items. For clothing I pick a color theme, start with trousers and add all the rest, laying stuff out on the floor to have an overview. One thing I always carry is a large pareo, it is like a swiss army knife. It covers armchairs, I can lay on it when I am outdoors, it is also a good cover against the sun, or cozies me on a cold day.

If you have a great travel tip, just add it in the comments. Share the knowledge and enjoy the vacation!

Anna is one of our guest bloggers. She is a 46-year-old freelance fashion photographer from a small town in Northern Germany. Anna and her husband Hellmut travel around the world because of their shared profession and also their quest for warmer weather. They met each other 18 years ago in the fashion photography circles and it was a “love-at-first-sight” thing. After almost two decades they still do everything together from work to grocery shopping.

Anna’s job is hectic and 15-16 workdays are not rare which has guided her towards more wholesome eating habits. Avoiding the “brain fog” has helped to be a better professional. These days Anna is very interested in disease prevention and anti-aging strategies. She feels it’s her privilege to be able to share her journey and findings with all of you.

Image credits: Anna Schulze-Wenck

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