6 Ways to Grow Your Business in the New Paradigm
Posted on 17th April 2014, by Olli Posti.

6 Ways to Grow Your Business in the New Paradigm


Here’s some fun ways to market and grow business in the new paradigm – that are becoming ever more prevalent especially in this field. With these, you don’t even need to make any public statements about your products – which is becoming ever less legal anyway, and quite frankly, was never that cool in the first place:

1. Sponsor and enjoy awesome relationships with influential people with star power, who (could potentially) care about your cause. Sure, they’re busy and you’re busy, so make it worthwhile for many of them to attend your exclusive nights of networking, sharing, fun and most special food (products) that they just can’t help but talk about in their circles. If you truly love what you’re selling, people are always more than eager to hear about (and taste..) your newest stories, discoveries, adventures. The most successful ones are often the most interested ones; the brightest stars tend to be the most thankful. The most powerful influencers tend to be most open to your positive influence.

2. Companies should work with the most passionate individuals, whose thrill is closely aligned with the company’s profit. Support the “gastronauts” on their way to stardom. Soon they’ll be mentally ready to talk in front of hundreds of mainstream media reporters or TV cameras – long as you keep them well fed & funded, well-supported and free to focus on their labor of love. If you really care about what you sell, there should be tens, perhaps hundreds of holistic health enthusiasts in your circles who would be crying for joy for the opportunity to work with you – perhaps as full-time assistant and fellow-adventurer to one of your emerging superstars. All the really good companies have masses of enthusiasts already doing their marketing for free. Under steady salary and access to your offices they’d be more than happy to give 110% of their heart, effort and then some. After all you both want to create and amplify those chain reactions that produce ever better-educated, enthusiastic customers for this field. Supporting the growth and career of at least one enthralling lecturer and eye-opening media person should be a priority for every company that tries to raise the bar and get customers to see the benefits of better quality.

3. Give a hefty percentage to the person with the desire and ability to meet people in person and get them turned on about your message. Salesmen are a thing of the past; sexy trainers (who already like teaching your stuff), popular teachers, lovers, (role) models and chefs are some of your greatest assets. Anyone who tends to spend time in front customers and important crowds in real world, with the skills and energy to leave them dazzled & overjoyed.

Yes, it’s all about relationships. Arrange something fun together. Yes, that’s why the ones enjoying themselves, own the future. It helps to know people like that & be like that.

4. Doing or supporting cool, daring things, sexy stunts or products –> media loves to tell your sexy story. Living life full-on helps (or hanging out with ones who do), and working with the coolest people makes you sexier as well. Living with powerfully good-hearted individuals gives you the understanding for what ideas & implementations the world is really eager to welcome from your efforts at this point. Thinking big: “We saw what was missing in our market and set out to change that” sounds sexier than “just another tiresome company following the followers, trying to find ways to get by..”. As you can see, most of the most crucial value is in cultivating those high-impact relationships with the well-networked people with that fire in their eyes, and that’s how you get most of the best ideas & observations anyway, let alone personal development & courageous breakthroughs.

5. Combine the entrepreneurship you care about, with the fun you’d like to experience in and of itself. Why not jump into ice cold water to film your first promo video – or climb up the mountain to record that expert interview?

6. Emphasis on fun and genuinely good-feeling physical space(s), perhaps even a network of locations – where the experts in your network can occasionally work and meet serendipitously. As in campus, but without the tired people, and nothing but mutually exciting subjects of interest :) Perhaps with chances to go out for some shared experiences also. Can’t imagine anything more relevant for your or mine continued success, than a way to connect with passionate tribe members over common interests – but also through silly experiences that make us laugh. Creating value together – and also creating our own entertainment. Those are the colleagues you’ll be working with even if you didn’t get paid for every marvellous hour.

Friendship is the soil that feeds the plants of success – truer today than ever. The word “business strategy” will soon be replaced with a more relevant word such as “friendship strategy“. Genuine all-round friendship and boundless living community is the new way – of course, powered by the coolest health strategies we’re passionate about.

Our guest blogger Olli was a promising rational thinker and tennis player from Eastern Finland, until one of the worst degenerative diseases of our time forced him to look for new – as well as very old – solutions, outside the narrow box of western medical thinking. Every answer led to even more intriguing questions such as “then why are we being lied to about the true causes of health?” and even “how does society actually work then?” all the way to “what is this reality, what is this world?” Now he has some pretty appealing answers to deliver – the kinds of answers you’re not allowed to know, let alone talk about. Olli has a passion for “liberation through empowerment” (as opposed to controlling subjugation), which he delivers though personal coaching, blogging, and public speaking. He’s all about making life tasty, luscious and gracefully elegant.


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