A special offer for early followers
Posted on 17th February 2012, by Tero.

A special offer for early followers

In the midst of filing all the registration documents to various government officials to sell our products in stores near you, we’re now introducing a new simpler way to get them. We want to give our first friends and followers a chance to get a bundle of 6 boxes delivered straight to your door almost anywhere in the world. And we’re offering this all with mere 95€ including worldwide shipping, which means about 40% discount depending on your location. Exact Terms and Conditions* in the end.

So now you can get 3 boxes of each of our products, Zest and Spark, that should last you about 3-4 months depending on your amount of usage. The best before date is 8/2013, so they won’t stale any time soon. You will enjoy the benefits of our great superfood ingredients brought to you in via simple instant beverages. Just add hot water and you’re good to go. Here’s the highlights of the products once again.

SPARK – Cordyceps

Every one of us is naturally different but according to research and our own experiences Spark’s active ingredient, Cordyceps sinensis -fungus, has among others the following benefits to the human body:

  • - After the continuous usage of 6 weeks VO2 max level can increase up to 15 percent
  • - Steady increase in energy levels without energy drops (unlike coffee, tea and other stimulants)
  • - Increasing athletic performance and faster recovery time
  • - Improving the quality of sleep
  • - Increasing sexual desire and improving performance
  • - Protecting liver and lungs

You may also read simplified information about Cordyceps in Four Sigma Foods blog here or load research information about the fungus here or here.

Read HERE what, Andy, the first Four Sigma Foods Challenge participant thinks about Spark.


ZEST – Reishi

And again based on academic research and our own experiences Zest’s active ingredient, Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) -fungus, might have among other things the following benefits to the human body:

  • - Boosting the immune system
  • - Improving blood circulation
  • - Improving the quality of sleep
  • - Reducing stress
  • - Reducing the amount of “bad” LDL cholesterol
  • - Functioning against several cancer types

You may also read simplified information about Reishi in Four Sigma Foods blog here or load research information about the fungus here or here.


This will not be a permanent distribution solution, but as we have received huge interest towards the products we want to offer our first tribe members a chance to try them with low price and share feedback back to us.

Please note. If your delivery address is in Australia, you will receive 6 boxes of Spark instead of fifty-fifty of Spark and Zest. This is due to AQIS (The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) which is required to irradiate all Reishi products that are imported to Australia. LUONTOlife is 110% against irradiation, and we will never sell irradiated products. As long as Australian Government holds this absurd policy, our Reishi products won’t be seen on Australian markets for the sake of people’s health. LUONTOlife is truly sorry about this unfortunate situation.

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*Terms and Conditions.
1. Available anywhere in the world except the US, where we can’t yet supply these due to local legislation.

2. Shipping is included through DHL. Customer is responsible to organize the home-delivery time & date with the shipping company.

3. Street price for the products is 135€ + worldwide shipping is approx 20€.

4. Payments only through PayPal, which supports most credit cards on top of their own account system. Please contact mikko[at]luontolife.com if you have issues with the payment method.

5. The offer is limited to a limited supply of first 150 orders. We apply first come, first served basis.

6. With the current products we wanted to test a new kind of “tear line” of sachet, which is at the center of the pack. Unfortunately it wasn’t as successful as we thought. It works and is usable, but not as good as we wanted it to be. The next batch will have more conventional style, but please see four photos illustrating the most efficient way to open them without loosing the valuable instant drink mix (or the nerves).

7. We would appreciate if you, after using Zest and Spark for a while, could provide us valuable information on how to improve them. Around 45 days after your order you will see instructions how to give us valuable feedback. Answering is not mandatory.


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Four Sigmatic is a superfood company started by group of Finnish Funguys who got sick of using mushroom supplements that don't work. The company wants to help popularise medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, cordyceps, and lions mane with products like mushroom coffee and hot cocoa. The company was started in 2012 and launched it's products in the United States in 2015.

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