Devon Anderson

QA Engineer, Ultimate Frisbee Pro

Having the energy to train and prepare my body to compete at the highest level in Ultimate while working a full time job isn’t easy. FSF Instant Cordyceps has helped keep me feeling fresh in training and on the field.


My name is Devon Anderson and I’m an American Ultimate Frisbee athlete and QA engineer from Menlo Park, 48km south of San Francicsco. I have been avidly playing Ultimate since I was first introduced to it at the University of California Santa Cruz in 2007. I currently play for a club team called Revolver that based in San Francisco. Revolver are the Club World Champions, WFDF World Champions (as team USA) and back-to-back USA Club National Champions. Ultimate is a sport that requires both explosive speed as well as anaerobic endurance for long points. This rare blend of training needs means that I am looking for any way to increase my VO2 max for endurance while focussing as much as possible on explosive exercises.

For those who are unfamiliar with the sport, read more here.

My Introduction to the product: I first heard about Four Sigma Foods products through Markus after we met in Kyoto when I was traveling in Japan after Revolver had won the WFDF world championships in Sakai, Japan in July. Markus and I started talking about the challenge trying to eat healthily while traveling, especially while trying to compete in an elite tournament and soon got to talking his business and FSF Instant Cordyceps.

Though I enjoy a healthy skepticism of any product which promises to increase energy while helping me to make my workouts more efficient, I decided to take the 30 day challenge and see how well it worked for me.

The results: For the month that I was using FSF Instant Cordyceps 1-2 times a day and before workouts, I can say that I felt like it took longer to get me tired, and my muscles felt fresher for longer than the month prior. Because of the myriad of factors that contribute to ones health and athletic performance, I can’t conclusively say that FSF is the singular reason for my athletic performance. But I do believe, as research has shown, that the cordycepts helped to increase my VO2 and lead to a more efficient use of oxygen in my body. I would definitely recommend that anyone try Instant Cordyceps who is looking for a healthy boost of energy or a product which could make your workouts more efficient.

It can be tough on a budget and limited time to increase your intake of nutrient dense foods and I think Instant Performace is a good option for doing just that.

I want to thank Markus and everyone at Four Sigma Foods for outlying a path to a healthier diet and lifestyle and I will continue to benefit from their foods and what I’ve learned during my Challenge.


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