Domestication of Plants, Animals & Humans
Posted on 12th November 2011, by Tero.

Domestication of Plants, Animals & Humans

First, humans domesticated plants. Then, we tamed most animals. But now we have become wimpy. Domestication is not a joke, and in this blog post I’ll explain why.

Before I start ranting, however, I need to define what I mean by domestication. I think it is a process of adaptation, where plants and animals live in harmony with us. We actually change nature to suit our purposes, whether it is for food, commodities, work, or companionship. Animals become our pets, and we have plants and flowers to enjoy around the house.

Domestication of plants

Humans domesticated plants first, and grains have been domesticated for more than 12,000 years. Today, modern farming wants to improve germination, as well as grow bigger plants that are more aesthetic and taste sweeter. Here‘s a list of domesticated plants, but domesticated apples, bananas, and strawberries are just not as good as their wild cousins.

Domestication of animals

Dogs, sheep, goats, cows, camels, and donkeys were the first animals to be domesticated. We usually need to teach animals to eat new foods they would not naturally eat, and we also need to make them breed in captivity. We need to make them grow faster and be less aggressive. Finally, they need to understand that Man is the boss! We have turned wolves into Chihuahuas and wild boars into cattle.

(Photo credit: naneki (right) / ivonneyaz (left))

Domestication of human beings

Recently, I have been more and more shocked about how we have domesticated the human species. We have become tame and detached from nature. Just as we have made many animals lazy, obese, and dependent, we have done the same to ourselves. Most of the world’s population could not even survive in nature.

Here are four true events that happened within one week of each other this past summer.

  1. A young girl screams in terror after seeing a butterfly.
  2. An Asian girl is really amazed when she touches grass near Interlaken. She may not have seen a real grass meadow before.
  3. Asian tourists admire and photograph trees growing in the nature—not planted trees, but ones that grow “on their own.”
  4. A European boy struggles to eat a sausage with a plastic fork and knife. He tries to cut it for several minutes without success. He twists and turns but refuses to touch his food with his own hands. It’s dirty!
  5. Technology and progress, such as smartphones, the Internet, cars, and advanced marketing, have caused most of these situations. I fully support technology and evolution, however, and I don’t think these alone are to blame. We have become so fat that we find it hard even to live in our fast-food urban life. We have become so lazy and uninterested that our favorite evening activity is watching Jersey Shore on MTV. We seem so completely dependent on our governments, financial institutions, media, and big corporations! This situation is really unfortunate.

Just as domesticating plants and animals is in the best interest of humans, domesticating the human species is in the best interest of certain people. It’s easy to understand that uneducated, unengaged, and lazy people are easy to manipulate. Without deep-diving into who might be manipulating whom, we must know that the choice is ours. It doesn’t require money, fame, or power. It requires us to choose the power of love over the love for power. We need to love the planet, each other, and ourselves. Right here, right now. It’s a choice! This will lead us to be more curious to explore nature and our role in it. This will then lead to individual points of view and more grounded sustainable solutions.

So don’t become the Chihuahua of human beings or the farmed strawberry of your town. Be the real thing! Be wild, be strong, and be unique! It’s your choice.

Tero Isokauppila


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