Four Sigma Foods Instants FAQ
Posted on 5th May 2012, by Mikko.

Four Sigma Foods Instants FAQ

What’s the reason for adding things like licorice and mint to your products?

Two main reasons for including licorice, field mint, and star anise are (1) to add pleasant flavor, and (2) to hide the naturally bitter taste of our superfood mushrooms. In addition, they each have their own unique health benefits.
- Licorice is an adaptogen, helping your body to adapt to stress.
- Field mint and star anise aid the digestive system.

It is, however, worth mentioning that with licorice and field mint, the quantities in our products are too small to offer any significant medicinal benefits.

Why did you choose these four mushrooms products from all the different mushrooms in the world?

These four mushrooms are shown to possess the most interesting health benefits to the human body, and together they are even more interesting. There’s few other really cool medicinal mushroom outside of these four, but we found that these complement each other the most. Cordyceps mushroom may boost your physical performance. Reishi mushroom is known to have stress alleviating and cardiovascular system improving properties. Chaga mushroom is believed to be the thing against pathogens of any kind…and I won’t even say anything about its anti-tumor properties. Lion’s Mane mushroom may help your body to build a strong and robust nervous system and improve cognitive functions. In the other words, these four mushrooms can improve your physical and mental performance, and they can protect your body and mind from physical and mental bugs.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Yes. Our products are still vegan, wheat free, gluten free, cholesterol free, sugar free, soy free, peanut free, nut free, and caffeine free.

I’ve heard that Stevia extract is not the best sweetener ever. Is that right?

That is right. It’s not the best, but it’s better. And with that we mean that for most it’s a quality upgrade. We don’t want people to keep using refined sugar to sweeten our products like in the past few months sometimes has happened. Different sweeteners have different qualities. There is no one best sweetener existing in the world; honey is packed with enzymes, but palm sugar is full of minerals. Stevia, however, is calorie-free. Honey and palm sugar affects your insulin levels and may cause type 2 diabetes if consumed excessively. Stevia is a natural plant, but stevia extract is slightly processed, although it doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals. All sweeteners have different qualities – good and bad. Let’s try to think them more holistically, study their pros and cons, and learn when and how to use them.

Do you think your products are now perfect?

No way! There are always room for improvements and that’s what we are going to do – Continuously improve our products. It’s not like we do something once and then forget it. We will give love to Four Sigma Foods Instants always. This mindset applies to everything else too; we are going to improve our practices every single day – from logistics to Facebook page and website, from product recipes to customer service and partner relationships. If you have any ideas how to improve our products or procedures, please share them with us here or on Four Sigma Foods Facebook page

I’m still not convinced why should I buy Instant Drinks instead of bulk powders?

We think that the best herb in the world is the one you collect yourself from the forest. That’s the food you have most personal connection with and the highest appreciation of. That’s also the cheapest option on any given scale! Then I guess the second best option is to buy a few dozen of Miron glass jars and source large powder sacks to fill them in your home “laboratory” — preferably straight from the farmers/harvesters. But both of these two approaches combined are relevant to less than one per mille of the people in the world. That’s hardly inline with our mission to democratize superfoods. So to make meaning on a larger scale one requires easier solutions. That’s why we have readily-portioned, easy-to-carry instant drinks. You don’t need to dry and boil chaga at home for hours…just boil hot water, twirl a bit with a spoon and the drink is ready to be digested. But we’re more than happy if some of our customers or followers will outgrow us and start harvesting their own Cordyceps from Tibet or order their chaga in bulk from Lapland

Where can I purchase Four Sigma Foods Instants products?

You can find up-to-date reseller list here. Due to legislation in different countries, not all four products are sold in every country. In EU, for instance, Lion’s Mane mushroom is not allowed to sell as food. That’s why EU citizens won’t be seeing Instant Lion’s Mane in their local stores anytime soon. You can always get it online, though. :) To give another example, Australians can freely buy Instant Cordyceps, but for other three products the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry requires to be irradiated. LUONTOlife is 110% against irradiation and none of FSF products will ever be irradiated. Period. That means, that Australians can only purchase Instant Cordyceps online and offline.

Are you ever going to sell your products in the USA?

I have three letters for you – FDA. LUONTOlife is a small company who hustles revolutionary products in the markets. Products that may decrease the need of medicine and increase general health. Now that’s a huge business we are trying to kill here, and FDA, the Big Pharma, and the great majority of doctors won’t let us that easily to enter the biggest market in the world. They have too much to lose. I can only say that we are working on it, but it will take some time. If you can help us on this matter, please drop us a line at info (at)

Are there any research results that show mushrooms would be truly beneficial?

Yes. Loads. Both in the Western and in the Eastern cultures. Even though we don’t think scientific research tells it all, this is one of the main reasons we chose these specific ingredients as the base of our first products. Just to name a few, researchers from the University of British Columbia, Shanghai Normal University, Stanford University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and UC Davis have studied the health benefits of these products. We will be sharing the latest and greatest info on all our current and upcoming products on our Four Sigma Foods blog at

I don’t do sports at all. Why should I use Four Sigma Foods products?

Even though our products significantly help professional athletes, they are aimed at normal consumers. They are purposely designed to help with everyday issues like sleep quality, ever-rising stress levels, chronic illnesses like flu or cough, and most importantly to give us more energy in a sustainable way.

There are so many superfoods and supplements on the market. Why should I buy your product?

This question can be answered in two ways.

First, the people who most commonly ask this actually don’t use good quality health products of any kind, and by raising this topic they just dodge the possible use option altogether. Often even the lousier health food products are better than, for example, the Standard American Diet.

Second, our products aim to solve three major unsolved challenges:

  • - To create real, noticeable results in our bodies. Our team has spent a good $40,000 on various health products during the past years, and unfortunately most of them might affect your body in the long term, but do not deliver any obvious benefits right away.
  • - To create super-simple choices for us busy 21st-century human beings. Large powder bags or dull pills are not the answer. Our products are easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to consume.
  • - Raise people’s awareness of what they eat. Most health food producers try to mask what their products contain with strange proprietary blends and “ultimate” mixes containing every possible superfood on the planet. Our products are simple mixes, with generous amounts of the pure effective ingredient itself.

Nature didn’t mean us to take fancy superfoods, so why would I care?

Well, nature didn’t want us to poison our soil, dump toxins in our waters, or use genetic manipulation to “help” its evolution, either – but we did. Nostalgia is nice now and then, but the sad fact is that eating fish from our seas or bananas from our fields is not exactly what it used to be. Also, our lifestyles have become more stressful, much busier, and far more toxic. To fight this new way of living we also need to find some new solutions. Superfoods are the perfect combination of the old and the new. They are the best old foods from other parts of the world, brought to your doorstep through a modern distribution network.

Why are your products better than your competitors’?

Our products are not just dietary supplements in the form of capsules or hard-to-use and terrible-tasting powders. Every single one of our products, current and future, is and will be more than that. They are essential parts of a healthy diet for modern men’s and women’s mobile lifestyle. You can easily take a pack or two with you and mix a drink in a second while on the road. We pay extra attention to ease of use, quality, and taste. As part of the quality, we don’t use any fillers or hide behind “Proprietary Blend” fact sheets.

Are the mushrooms you use illegal? Would using them be considered doping?

None of the four mushrooms (cordyceps, reishi, chaga & lion’s mane) are on the WADA Prohibited List. And, as they are whole foods that people have been safely consuming for more than 5,000 years, it is very unlikely they will ever end up on such lists.

Why are superfoods so expensive?

Superfoods often grow wild, in locations that are difficult to access – such as high up on mountainsides or deep in rainforests. Cultivated superfoods are usually grown using sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods. Local herb hunters and farmers generally get better earnings for their work, which helps to boost local economies. All these things add up to higher production costs.

However, being expensive is a relative thing. For example, one gram of cordyceps is a lot more expensive than one gram of wheat flour, if you compare by weight alone. If we change what we’re measuring from weight to health benefits or nutrient density, then one gram of cordyceps might actually be considerably lessexpensive than one gram of wheat flour. If we take into account lowered expenses for medicines, doctor appointments and sick-leaves (all as a result of improved health), as well as increased energy levels, superfoods might turn out to be a terrific bargain, by comparison. It’s funny that many of us invest more in our cars and on fashion than on our health.

From a superfood point of view, we strive to offer the best superfoods at a competitive price. Our products generally cost a bit less than the industry standard, but we have produced them with much more of the expensive effective ingredients.

Are your products organic?

No. All our current and upcoming products are either wild foods or naturally grown. The wild foods are not farmed, so of course no modern farming practices are followed – but they are much more powerful. Our cultivated products are manufactured with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACPP), and various ISO standards – all to provide optimal end results. They just are not certified as organically grown.

We fully support certified organic farming versus intensive industrial farming. We all eat organic vegetables every day. We just know that that in the current society, seeing an “organic” means jack shit when it comes to actual food quality. A few years of organic farming will not rescue soil that has been contaminated by 100 years of pesticide use. Nor will constant watering of organic vegetables help the plants become strong. Instead, it makes them wimpy. Their roots are shallow and weak. Further, most labels are owned by large multinationals. A “certified organic” label is a nice-to-have, but not necessary – and it often just means higher purchase prices for consumers.

How much of your products can I use each day?

As our products are quite strong, it’s better to start out with one bag per day. You can simply replace your morning coffee or tea with a Four Sigma Foods instants. No need to take breaks or adopt cyclical consumption patterns. It’s wise to use the product constantly, to beat minor illnesses before they arise. Treating the cause is always healthier than curing the symptoms (such as drinking the products only after you’ve become ill). After a few weeks of use, go ahead and drink as much as you like each day. Just listen to your body and your cravings, and all should be fine.

Your product doesn’t mix well. What’s up with that?

Our whole-food-based instant drink blend was not formulated to be 100% soluble in liquids. Small amounts of sediment are natural. Real foods don’t behave the same as synthetic foods. Not every batch will taste, look and behave exactly the same as every other. Just like with grandma’s organic apple tree, where not all apples were equally sweet, the consistency of natural food products sometimes varies. Just breathe deeply, mix a few times more with your spoon, wait a few seconds, and voila!



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