Four Sigma Foods 101 – Gynostemma
Posted on 18th August 2012, by Mikko.

Four Sigma Foods 101 – Gynostemma

A legend says that while the Chinese Emperor Fu Shou was visiting a different region of his empire and stopping for respite, his servants boiled some water for everyone to drink. Whilst the water boiled, dried leaves from a nearby plant fell into it and there it was – an infusion of gynostemma and water. Curious, the emperor drank some and found it very refreshing, slightly bitter and a little sweet, and so gynostemma tea, or Jiaogulan tea was discovered.

Around the 13th century Gynostemma tea appears in written texts. By the 16th century it is listed in a variety of holistic texts throughout China, and is known as an immortality herb.

An interesting details is that in the 70s, a nationwide census in China identified a mountainous area with the largest percentage of centenarian inhabitants. When they researched the lifestyle of these centenarians, it revealed a common dietary element; they had incorporated a Gynostemma tea into their dietary.

Chinese call gynostemma a “cure all”, but it’s secret ingredient (saponins) tend to be especially good for our heart, mind, and for those seeking to lose weight.

Why To Use Gynostemma

Gynostemma is one of the most significant Asian tonic herbs. This invigorating and adaptogenic plant delivers Holy Grail type of benefits by being anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and super calming. It’s known to boost both the digestive tract as well as the respiratory system helping the body to feel overall much better.

Gynostemma is a real remedy for your body and mind. Chinese call it a “cure all”, but it’s secret ingredient (saponins) tend to be especially good for our heart, mind, and for those seeking to lose weight.

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How to Use Gynostemma

The most delicious way to use Gynostemma is to make an infusion of leaves on a mild (60-80 C) heat. The most common way is to consume it just like almost any other dietary supplement; Vcaps. You may also find dried gynostemma, gynostemma powder, and gynostemma powder extract. You can make an infusion out of the first and the second one. The third one, however, is more interesting as it’s more effective and it’s ready-to-use without boiling it first. Gynostemma powder extract can be mixed with smoothies, drinks or regular food, and it is an awesome addition to a regular diet.


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