Four Sigma Foods 101 – Meshima
Posted on 27th November 2012, by Mikko.

Four Sigma Foods 101 – Meshima

The meshima mushroom grows on mulberry trees, and has long been important in the traditional medicine of China, Korea and Japan. Its name means “women’s island,” and it grows on an island of the same name. Meshima is almost completely unknown in the West, but recent scientific studies, one conducted by Harvard University, have increased awareness of this potent food.Its most interesting attribute, however, is its usefulness in combating skin, lung, and breast cancer.

Why to Use Meshima

Like most of the medicinal mushrooms, meshima contains polysaccharides, which have helpful effects on many bodily functions. Traditionally, it is used for stomachache, and for arthritis of the knee. Its most interesting attribute, however, is its usefulness in combating skin, lung, and breast cancer.

How to Use Meshima

A traditional way to consume Meshima is as a tea, but today most users take it in tablet or capsule form, as a dietary supplement.

Where to Buy Meshima

Meshima products are in short supply in the Americas and Europe, and it is difficult to find them. In Asia, meshima products are more common, though still not main-stream. There are no good meshima products on the market yet, and we don’t want recommend you any bad ones. As soon as a good product shows up, we let you know about it.

If you want to test a product containing meshima, then look no further. We believe that the most cost-effective product out there is our FSF Mania, which contains 6 other mushrooms and rose hip along with meshima. You can find FSF Mania HERE.


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