Four Sigma Foods 101 – Schisandra
Posted on 29th August 2012, by Mikko.

Four Sigma Foods 101 – Schisandra

Schisandra has over 2,000 years of history in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This red berry was first mentioned in the TCM texts in late Han dynasty, AD 25-220. Chinese folklore says that it can “calm the heart and quiet the spirit”, which is a good rule of thumb for Schisandra. The Chinese name, Wu Wei Zi, means “5 flavor berry” and is associated with all major flavors of TCM – sweet, sour, bitter pungent, salty – and is unique in that sense. There are no other known foods or herbs that are said to bring to mind all these five flavors.

Both men and women have traditionally used Schisandra as a tonic for sexual energy. It is especially popular with women for its complexion enhancing properties. Not only Chinese folklore, but also Tibetans are known for having a millennia long history of use of Schisandra. More recent history of its application can be found in Russia by local hunters and the Red Army in 20th century, as well as allegedly in Sweden by the Swedish XC-skiing team. Today in Russia, Schisandra is a registered medicine for vision difficulties such as short-sightedness and astigmatism. It is also one of the rare herbs that can be found on the top of both the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal systems.

Not only a beauty food, schisandra is also a very powerful, yet natural, safe and legal performance enhancer.

Why to use Schisandra

This tonic berry is often cited as a beauty food that preserves youth and helps to combat insomnia. It is used to help your body to naturally deal with chemicals, pathogens, electromagnetic stress, and other toxins. Schisandra is maybe one of the world’s most praised health strategies for better organ and skin health thus it suits anyone who wants to stack longevity odds in their favor.

Not only a beauty food, schisandra is also a very powerful, yet natural, safe and legal performance enhancer. In Russia, the Red Army soldiers used dried Schisandra berry powder before they undertook long ski runs as it was shown to enhance performance by reducing exhaustion and fatigue, muscular pain, shortness of breath, the feeling of thirst, and dryness of mouth compared with control group in double blind placebo control study. Another study shows that 60% of runners treated with Schisandra extract were able to run 1,000 meters significantly faster than prior to use of it. In the given study the overall improvement for all runners was 4.45 seconds.

How to use it?

If you can find some fresh or dried Schisandra berries, you can grind them and make an infusion, decoction, or even a tincture.

Schisandra dietary supplements can be found from almost all the health foods stores, but be careful with the quality. Not all of them are high quality and many contain unwanted and unhealthy fillers.

Schisandra is generally a safe herb, and can be used also in larger amounts at once. However, it is still good to remember that it’s more herb than a food, and should be treated that way.

Where to find it

You may find Schisandra dietary supplements from your local health foods stores or major international online stores.

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