Four Sigma Foods 101 – Tremella
Posted on 30th January 2013, by Mikko.

Four Sigma Foods 101 – Tremella

Tremella has a long history of use in Chinese cuisine, primarily in beverages and sweet dishes. It is a rather flavorless mushroom, but is appreciated for its texture and medicinal benefits. Other names for tremella include silver fungus and snow ear fungus in English, 银耳 / 銀耳 (“silver ear”), 雪耳 (“snow ear”) and 白木耳 (“white wood ear”) in Chinese, and shiro kikurage (“white tree jellyfish”) in Japanese.

Tremella is said to be the beauty secret of Yang Guifei (born 1 June, 719; died 15 July 756), Imperial Consort and one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China.

Why to Use Tremella

The make-up of the tremella mushroom is more than 70 percent dietary fiber. It includes substances such as polysaccharides and vitamin D, making it an excellent choice for a healthy diet. Tremella’s gelatinous but fairly firm texture and faint, almost undetectable flavor make it a most interesting ingredient in various dishes.

How to Use Tremella

Currently there are not many ways to introduce tremella into your diet. The easiest is to take it in dietary supplement form – as a tincture, capsule or tablet. If you want to go “hardcore,” find some fresh or dried tremella fungus and use it in cooking. Since tremella has almost no flavor, it is easy to incorporate in almost any recipe.

Photo credit: Pellaea

Where to Buy Tremella

Tremella products are not common in America or Europe, but they can sometimes be found in larger health food stores or smaller specialized stores. In Asia, tremella products are far more common, found in most food stores and available from any practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.

If you want to test a product containing tremella, then look no further. We believe that the most cost-effective product out there is our FSF Mania, which contains 6 other mushrooms and rose hip along with tremella. You can find FSF Mania HERE.



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