From zero to hero – A kick-start to natural health
Posted on 9th December 2013, by Anna Schulze-Wenck.

From zero to hero – A kick-start to natural health

Is it not crazy how many of us think that it is normal to be out of energy? That it is a just a matter of time to get fat and that our brains will be forgetting more and more with age?

No, it does not have to be this way and it is not just a matter of genes. It is never too late to reverse the clock, look and feel 20 years younger! The down part is that there is no magic pill you can swallow and get back to feeling great and being healthy. The good part is it will not cost a fortune and it will change your life in so many positive ways like you could never have imagined.

By nature your body is programmed to be in perfect condition, be healthy and thrive. Also it has a build in memory of that perfect health and will find its way of getting there if we just provide him with some good fuel.

I found that the biggest improvement in wellbeing and a focused and sharp mind was through simple changes in my diet:

  • - Stay away from wheats
  • - Avoid processed foods as far as possible
  • - Eat a lot of greens
  • - Cut down on alcohol
  • - Drink more water
  • - Eat coconut oil daily

A “low carb – low sugar” diet took 20 years of my body feeling, gave me a razor sharp brain and all the energy back that I have been missing plus a jeans size 0 without being hungry even once. Tadaaa!

I often hear “Oh I can not live without bread!” Is it really so? Is it not worth the try to cut down on bread and see what it does to your body and mind? A lot of people are gluten sensitive without knowing it. Dr. Perlmutters book “Grain Brain” is a good read about the connection between eating habits and brain health, it might even be possible to avoid dementia through choice of foods.

Just don´t put your focus on what you will have to cut down, but focus on what you will gain through the life changes:

  • - Get your memory back
  • - Get back in shape
  • - Get more energy
  • - Get the trust into your body back – to be healthy and stay that way
  • - Get in touch with superfoods and how great they make you feel
  • - Regain your senses
  • - Get a soft, glowing skin like never before

Make it a habit to do something for your health on a daily basis – make little steps, they will surely get you going. First it is a habit – then it becomes a part of you!


Anna is one of our guest bloggers. She is a 46-year-old freelance fashion photographer from a small town in Northern Germany. Anna and her husband Hellmut travel around the world because of their shared profession and also their quest for warmer weather. They met each other 18 years ago in the fashion photography circles and it was a “love-at-first-sight” thing. After almost two decades they still do everything together from work to grocery shopping.

Anna’s job is hectic and 15-16 workdays are not rare which has guided her towards more wholesome eating habits. Avoiding the “brain fog” has helped to be a better professional. These days Anna is very interested in disease prevention and anti-aging strategies. She feels it’s her privilege to be able to share her journey and findings with all of you.

Image credits: Anna Schulze-Wenck


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