FSF Challenge: Aimee Berridge
Posted on 27th June 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Aimee Berridge

Aimee completed her FSF Challenge with LUONTOlife Spark, which is no longer being sold. Spark’s equivalent product is now called FSF Instant Cordyceps. The only difference recipe wise between Spark and Instant Cordyceps is the taste – Instant Cordyceps is sweetened with Stevia and is more appealing to most people.. or not as taste is a completely subjective matter.

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Studying two degrees, working two jobs and training for iron woman racing my average week flies by. However, having to deal with Ross River Fever and Glandular fever for four years, 2011 marked a year of return to serious training and racing for myself.

Having had two serious viruses in the past I still find fatigue a hard battle to fight even though I am so fit and healthy. I struggle a lot with fatigue not only in the water but also in the classroom.
Stumbling across LUONTOlife one day on the Internet when I was researching a packaging design assignment, I was instantly impressed by their website. So impressed, with their clean consistent designs showcased on the website, it was natural for me to ‘like’ Four Sigma Foods on Facebook. I then went another step further and tweeted to Four Sigma Foods how nicely their website and products were designed.

Four Sigma Foods then got in touch with me and offered for me to trial their product Spark. I took an instant liking. My training performances improved, while staying awake and alert in two-hour lectures at university became a lot easier.


Loving Spark so much I decided then to take up the Four Sigma Foods 30day Challenge. Choosing to undertake the 30day challenge towards the business end of my surf life saving season, after 7days into the challenge I found I was able to study for longer periods of time. I also felt Spark helped me immensely with my recovering time between races as the day got on. Spending anywhere from 6-8hours on the beach the Australian sun can become quite taxing.

aimee berridge, luontolife, four sigma foods, cordyceps, instant Cordyceps

At the end of the 30days, my grades at university improved and my body was feeling the best it had in a few years.

One thing I didn’t enjoy too much about spark was the actual taste of the product. As I am an avid sweet tooth fan I found it difficult some days too drink it. The drink I found is quite bitter. For anyone how is thinking about trialling spark and has a sweet tooth like myself I recommend buying flavoured tea bags. Each day I have my spark mix in with warm raspberry and pomegranate flavoured tea and bitterness of spark is almost unnoticeable.

I speak highly of Spark and would recommend it too anyone looking for the extra kick!

- Aimee

Photos: Matti Hallanoro


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