FSF Challenge: Andy Kenny
Posted on 10th February 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Andy Kenny

As a personal trainer, sports trainer and long distance cyclist I quite often get asked to trial products and very rarely do they live up to their claims. I am usually quite sceptical of herbal remedies having never seen any real benefits from them, so wasn’t really expecting much from FSF Instant Cordyceps when I was approached to take part in a month’s trial. I was soon to be blown away by its results.

My Concerns Prior to the Trial

Initially I was expecting Instant Cordyceps to be a stimulant similar to caffeine and was a little concerned that I would crave it or become addicted to it as you do with caffeine. However this is definitely not the case, I struggled to take the recommended dose for the trial, of 3 sachets a day due to its very bitter taste and often forgot to take it more than once and therefore never craved it.

I started the trial on the 3rd of January 2012 and I’m writing this review on the 3rd of February 2012. On average I was taking 2 sachets a day. I was usually taking one sachet at 5.30am and another at 3pm. I found Instant Cordyceps very bitter and not very nice to drink in water and most other drinks. It was ok with coffee and quite nice with chocolate protein shakes.

For the past 7 years I have been training consistently 5-6 days a week and for the past year have been teaching at least 3 advanced Spin classes up to 3 & a half hours a week, 1 Strength & Conditioning class a week and at least 2 weight training sessions a week. Not to mention outdoor cycling.

The Positive Effects of Instant Cordyceps

On the 9th of January after 6 days and 9 sachets I noticed my resting heart rate was 5-8 bpm lower than usual and this remains the case.

On the 10th of January after 7 days in a 60 minute advanced Spin class I began to notice that my anaerobic threshold was definitely higher and I had more energy than usual.

On the 12th of January after 9 days in an advanced 90 minute Spin class I had endless amounts of energy, had more power and my anaerobic threshold was at least 25% higher than it ever was before.

By the 29th of January I was recording in my diary that I “felt fantastic and pushed harder than ever in classes” and now I find I have to be pushing at a huge intensity to get out of breath. I also find I recover and catch my breath very quickly when resting or recovering after I get out of breath.

On a day to day basis, within 2 weeks I noticed my overall mood was improved and was less stressed than usual.

The Con’s of Instant Cordyceps

By the 12th of January after 9 days I noticed that I was sweating more than usual. I normally sweat a large amount when training and use a carbohydrate & electrolyte mix to combat this and it normally is enough to cope. However at the end of the class and when I got home I was cramping very badly due to dehydration and/or electrolyte deficiency.

Was my extra sweating due to the fact I was able to push much harder or was it a direct effect of Instant Cordyceps itself? To combat the excessive sweating I doubled the usual amount of the carb & electrolyte mix I used, but still got occasional light cramping after exercising.

Due to the hours I work 6am-11am & 3pm to 11pm I do struggle with irregular sleep and sometimes insomnia. Instant Cordyceps when taken in the evening did appear to add to this but cannot be sure due to additional work stress factors.

I noticed no other side effects and was happy to accept the small cons due to the very high increase in performance.

Future Testing

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to do an endurance cycle of 3-6 hours during the trial to test out how Instant Cordyceps affected my performance over a longer period of time. This was due to a busy work schedule. I will definitely be testing this out in the coming weeks and expect Instant Cordyceps to perform very well and will test this on a familiar route.

I’m also interested in finding out how long the effects of Instant Cordyceps last after the trial period is over and I stop taking it and also how low a dose is effective.

In Conclusion

I was very impressed with Instant Cordyceps’s effects on my athletic performance and would without hesitation, recommend it for those who exercise/play sports at a high amateur level and for professional athletes. Instant Cordyceps works quickly, effectively and most importantly will have measureable results to your performance. I will definitely be using Instant Cordyceps in the future and look forward to pushing my abilities to my maximum performance.

Andy Kenny
Dublin, Ireland




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