FSF Challenge – Anna Virmajoki
Posted on 27th February 2013, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge – Anna Virmajoki

Before I begin my story about my 30-day FSF Challenge with the Gizmo high-speed blender I want to say THANKS to magnificent team of FSF for creating such great products and helping people – including myself – to become the best versions of themselves and enjoying life to its maximum!

I got introduced to Gizmo and FSF by my friend Hanna Skytta who is also part of FSF team. when I stopped racing and became a strength and conditioning trainer with a focus on functional movement and a Paleo streak.

But let’s get to the challenge… Well, actually the real challenge has already been going on for ages as I have tried to prepare my meals with the cheap 30€ supermarket blenders. I am the first Finnish woman holding a IFBB Bikini Fitness Pro Card and to be invited to a Arnold Classic Pro Competitions in March 2013. So as a professional athlete my meal plan is very strict and also – opposite to what most people think – includes a LOT OF FOOD! In fact, many are surprised how much I eat – but because it is all natural, whole foods and nutrient rich, you can also eat it a lot! And eating clean also strips off your belly fat automatically, so I really encourage everyone to swap the refined foods to all-natural alternatives and eat enough so that your body does not go into starvation mode.

But eating so big volumes of eg. vegetables can sometimes be challenging. Quite recently I also started to blend all my vegetables, as I noticed that after doing so I was not that bloated all the time. Also smoothies and recovery drinks are part of my meal plan all year round, so I use the blender many times a day.

But let me tell you – after starting to use blender more, I also lost my nerves more. What my mistake was is that I thought all blenders are equal, so I bought those 30-euro supermarket blenders – which broke all the time. They did not blend my veggies or smoothies fine and smooth, but left nasty little bits in them. So I wasn’t getting all the benefits from blending and the faulty machines increased my stress levels – which is not what I needed before big competition preparation!

So thankfully I talked with Hanna and I purchased the Gizmo. After getting this I have truly noticed the difference in my wellness. My tummy has kept slim, as even though my pre-contest meal plan includes massive amounts of veggies, blending them in fine particles enables my body to use their nutrients effectively without causing any bloating (because of the large amounts of fiber that comes with the veggies!) or putting too much energy on digesting them as Gizmo did all the ”pre-digesting” for me!

I have also noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels – which of couse enables me to put my best gear on at the gym when doing my HIIT and resistance training workouts.

Giving my body enough nutrients in well-absorbing form and lessening the burden on the digestive system also enables me to train more frequently – during the competition prep, my program includes as much as three training sessions per DAY so having a tummy full all the time or not getting enough nutrients might compromise my preparation. Blending also gave me much more time from my normal food prep, as when blending veggies I did not have to steam them first, but could enjoy them in their raw form – which again means more nutrients that would otherwise been destroyed during heating (eg. many antioxidants and vitamins).

And last, but not least… the outer beauty. Even though in my sports the BODY and its form is in the center of the judging, also hair and skin has an important role. When your body gets enough nutrients, some are also left for making the skin bright and hair glow. Because these things are not necessary for survival (although sometimes especially for us women, hair and skin might feel like ”survival” things :)), the body uses all the nutrients first to keep the heart beating, brain fueled, digestive system operating etc and then – if there are some left – the hair and skin gets it. So stack up on nutrient rich foods, blend them and see yourself to transform to the best version of yourself.

I am looking forward to my Arnold Competition in March, presenting myself there at my best and also feeling at my best. You can follow my journey for example from my Facebook page.

Photos: Mike Siren


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