FSF Challenge – Boris Lauser
Posted on 6th February 2013, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge – Boris Lauser

Boris completed his FSF Challenge with Instant Brain Power, which is no longer sold. Its equivalent product is now called FSF Instant Lion’s Mane: the same product has a different name and a more ecological packaging.

Having worked for many years for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome, Italy has made me discover my strong passion for food. Following this passion, my love for outstanding food giving you maximum nutrition and health, I quit my office job 4 years ago. I started a new career as a vegan raw food chef, striving for culinary excellence using the best clean, organic products. As a world traveling raw food chef, I have my base in Berlin but travel for at least 4 or 5 months of the year teaching courses, seminars and retreats worldwide. Teaching and traveling requires a good immune system and the ability to focus and be present and concentrated at all times, while educating others about the benefits of alive food and high-end living cuisine.

I came across Four Sigma Foods during a raw food course I taught in Helsinki last summer of 2012. Shortly before the course started, my assistant drank this tea and I asked him what it was. He offered me a bag of this “Instant Brain Power”, which had a very sweet but not unpleasant taste. I am usually very sceptic about all the supplements out there, but I had already heard about the amazing benefits of medicinal mushrooms before, so I was really interested. That night I taught one of my best classes: I was so focused and in the flow. The next evening I taught another class which went also well, but I felt the regular ups and downs in concentration. That second night, I didn’t have this tea before. So I felt immediately that there is a product that actually works!

From this experience, I signed up for the 30 day challenge of Instant Brain Power. Taking the instant for 30 days in a row daily, I can say that they have increased my cognitive ability and helped me staying more focused, keeping a clear mind and feeling easier to concentrate. Since I didn’t really change my diet during this period and also didn’t use any other supplements, I certainly account this effect to the active mushroom in Instant Brain Power, which is Lion’s Mane. This trial period finally convinced me about this product and so I took the immediate decision to make FSF products available through my online store and promote them to my clients. I think this is an amazing product and people should certainly include medicinal mushroom drinks into their daily drink rituals.

From this positive experience, I was really eager to go on and test more of these great instant drinks. So I went on another 30 day challenge with Instant Longevity (Instant Reishi). Reishi is known to reduce stress, improve blood circulation and sleep quality. Since I have some issues with all of the above, I thought it would be the next best one to try. I have to say that the instant feeling I got from Brain Power didn’t immediately show and nothing noticeable changed at first. Reishi, just like any other Chinese Herbal Medicine, takes some time to show effects on the body. After all, it’s a natural remedy and medicine which takes some time to show an effect in your system, but then can last for a longer time. I think that in retrospect, after the month my sleep quality was slightly better. Actually I remember to have had more issues with slightly cramping up sometimes during my sleep at night or waking up with certain parts of my body having fallen asleep. That did not happen anymore after taking Instant Reishi for a longer time. So that might actually be the effect that it gave me. Also, I have taken a couple of boxes with me to Bali, where I am teaching a raw food retreat at the moment. However, due to traveling and the intense program I forgot about them for about a week and noticed that my sleep in the last nights actually wasn’t great, so there might be another proof of effect. There is never 100% proof, but I have an intuition and that’s always the best indicator!

I like to consume the Instants mostly plain as a tea and find them very nice in a ginger tea, since the spice of the ginger balances the sweet taste of the stevia and the licorice root. However, as a raw food chef, I am now also keen to explore some culinary aspects and will soon start to experiment how they work in certain foods. I can immediately see them work really well in creamy chocolate or maca based smoothies. Also in raw chocolates, they could give a great health benefit and may help a lot in cutting down other sweeteners to sweeten your chocolate. I can also see them work well in soups, like a clear Japanese Style Miso broth with ginger and chilli or in nutburgers and patés and vegetable dips. Check out the recipe section on the FSF page from time to time, since I might put something up there soon :-)


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