FSF Challenge: David Brickhill-Jones
Posted on 11th July 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: David Brickhill-Jones

David completed his FSF Challenge with LUONTOlife Spark, which is no longer being sold. Spark’s equivalent product is now called Instant Cordyceps. The only difference recipe wise between Spark and Instant Cordyceps is the taste – Instant Cordyceps is sweetened with Stevia and is more appealing to most people.. or not as taste is a completely subjective matter.

My name is David Brickhill-Jones and im an Australian that has been living in Scandinavia for over 10yrs now. The last 5yrs in Helsinki, Finland. I moved here as an Orienteer, and have competed in many World Championships, World Cups, Jukolas etc etc over the last decade. I also compete in running races, from 5kms on the track up to the 100km+ Ultra Distances. While im 31yrs old now, i still have a few years running at the top of my sports. And any extra supplements like what LuontoLife makes, will hopefully keep me in the game for longer. Putting in up to 200kms a week running needs a lot of energy, and controlling this, by my eating and supplements is a very important challenge, one that the superfood groups seem to be helping with.

I first heard about LuontoLifes products through Pauli, when he gave me some Spark to try out. I was certainly intrigued by these superfood products. When training 13-14 times a week, any products that may give a certain advantage were certainly worth the try.

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Soon after this, Mika from LuontoLife got in touch with me, to ask if i would be keen to trying the FSF challenge. While i will still a little skeptical about the products i was keen to try a full month taking the Spark products x3 daily.

People had warned me that the taste of Spark was very bitter, but to be honest it didnt bother me at all. I actually found the taste was more enjoyable the less water that i mixed with it;) I didnt need to use honey or anything extra, although i can see why some people would. It certainly is an acquired taste. But one that i enjoyed.

As for the benefits of the product. I have to say, that this is a harder question to answer. With the amount of food, recovery drinks etc, used during a calendar month, sometimes its hard to work out what is actually being beneficial and what isnt. That being said though, for the 30 days that i was on the FSF challenge i wasnt once sick, slept well, and at least was running physically very well during this period of time. Although my map skills while orienteering were still pretty bad as usual;)

I will certainly continue to use at least the FSF Spark product, with no ill effects, and a better sleep pattern while on the Challenge, its a bit of a no brainer. I think as more of these superfoods start to come out, i think we will realise that there are many other options out there, not just for sportspeople, but for everyone. I fiqure the better you eat, and the more healthy lifestyle that you live, the healthy you will be. And Luontolife’s products are certainly taking us in the right direction i believe.

Thanks to the boys at Luonto for helping to get me onto a healthier lifestyle. My plan is to stick with it, and hopefully the results in my sport will follow afterwards.



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