FSF Challenge – Footbag Team Finland
Posted on 30th June 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge – Footbag Team Finland

Introduction to footbag

Most people I’ve met have some kind of a vague idea about my sport of choice – Footbag. But it’s very rare to find a person who knows that it’s actually much more than just kicking the hacky sack with your friends in high school. Since 1987 and the launch of a classic video game California Games, especially freestyle footbag has gained significant international attention in various underground and lifestyle driven medias. Still today no player will earn any money out of this, but the level of the sport has grown a lot. Since mid 90s Finland has gradually risen to become one of the Top Tier countries in this niche sport and almost dominating one of its forms – Footbag Net. Footbag Net is kind of a mix of Thai Soccer Takraw and soccer played in a volleyball court. Check the video below and you will understand better what I mean

Preparing for the championships

The summer 2012 marks two major championships for Team Finland. The 33rd annual World Championships held in Warsaw, Poland and the 14th annual European Championships held in Aachen, Germany. In the +15 years of kicking the small bean bag, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the level of players. These days you can’t expect to go into champs without also having the proper physique of a pro athlete. In the last few years our team has been paying much more attention to the quality of our diet, which has helped to raise our game. We’ve started to consume much more whole foods and other natural sources of energy. When given the chance to try out the legendary adaptogenic cordyceps we were of course excited to see how that would work for us. Also our national team members Matti, Oskari & Tuomas have to work normal 9-5s and more, so the Four Sigma Foods instant drink concept didn’t seem too complex to follow for our busy daily life.

four sigma foods, luontolife, instant Cordyceps, footbag, footbag team finland, jukka peltola© Henrik Martikainen


Comments about FSF Instants

On our path to the big championship summer, we’ve used FSF Instant Cordyceps on top of our normal diet. No other major changes were made. We used it daily, and on few tournament weekends we overdosed on it to see how it will serve our game. Here’s few comments from our team.

“I like to live naturally and want to get some extra boost when I’m on the court. FSF Instant Cordyceps delivers both.”
Oskari Forsten

“For me Instant Cordyceps offered a great alternative for coffee. It was very easy to add into my current diet.”
Tuomas Kärki

“Playing footbag net at the highest possible level takes more than just kicking a bean bag around every now and then. Using Instant Cordyceps on top of my balanced diet I was able to push myself harder in games and practises.”
Matti Pohjola

See, footbag net is mostly a technique sport. It takes years or even a decade to master this skill thus most of the world’s top guys have been around for awhile. But to win against these guys comes mostly through mental strength. The game is SO fast that you got to be super alert. What we’ve learned is that it’s just so much easier to stay focused when you recover better between games and sets. This is exactly where we saw help from Instant Cordyceps.

four sigma foods, luontolife, instant Cordyceps, footbag, footbag team finland, jukka peltola© Justin Sexton

Summarizing our experiences

It’s our goal to perform on/to our highest potential. Not just every other game or so, but every kick, breath and thought. Instant Cordyceps is developed just for that. We are happy that we have this great product in our “toolbox”. Euros and Worlds are in few weeks and we are ready to have fun :)

We also wish that there will be more such a great products available and that people would be more conscious about these herbal alternatives…except our opponents ;)

Keep your fingers crossed!

Best wishes,
Jukka Peltola
On the behalf of Footbag Net Team Finland


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