FSF Challenge – Gina Bergmann
Posted on 10th May 2013, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge – Gina Bergmann

Dear World,

My name is Gina Bergmann. I live and work in Estonia as a mind and body trainer focusing mostly on yoga. It’s my dream job, because it allows me to be constantly moving, improving myself and to pick up new skills. New training styles and knowledge can be obtained endlessly. Why is my job making me happy? Through love and respect to myself I can be a role model and help others improve their quality of life.

My work is filled with good emotions – I’m charged with positive energy every single day as I see my clients reach their goals. We depend only on ourselves when it comes to our happiness and well-being, no matter what age we are or what is our weight. We can always control the health of our body.

During recent years I have been dedicated to the training of the mind and body. My knowledge has value only when I share it. So, the first and most important thing is that satisfaction with our bodies has nothing to do with how we look, rather, it is how we feel. It is not about being thin, it is about being healthy.

Beauty is skin deep and a human being is so much deeper and wider than a creature with merely good looks. We often develop our self-worth from feedback from the outer world like blinks and praise from other people. Instead, we should look into our hearts – what do we see, if we honestly and deeply look within? Is there enough love and satisfaction in us? Enough to attract even more of it to our lives, enough to share to others?

There were times in my life that I spent mostly driving around, being addicted to achievements always moving on from one goal to another. I was managing my home life via mobile phone until an accident happened, when through a painful experience I almost lost my life’s biggest success and treasure – my daughter. I remember when within seconds the whole world stopped. I realized that at the end of the day, after everyday hussle and reaching momentary important goals, the dear ones around us are the most important. We can achieve a lot, but if there’s nobody to share the success with, it has no value (and life lacks real emotions).

Family is like a little personal universe where we accomplish our highest aims as human beings. Around that universe is a bigger universe where we are playing different roles. Most important is however, that our inner world is strong. We can’t be happy at work when we are unhappy in our private lives. And if I’m not happy at work, I cannot make my clients happy. There is a long chain starting from each and every person, ourselves.

With my mind and body lessons I aim to make people their own best friends. I don’t give guidance based on right or wrong, I only share the things I have experienced. To get something we have to have the will. To have the will we need energy. We get this energy from food. I haven’t had any diets in my life and I don’t believe in them. We are what we eat. If we know and listen to and become friends with our bodies,  we don’t need any diet. While being young we challenge our bodies, whereas getting older our body is challenging. Healthy eating can’t be a project, it’s a lifestyle. We  should always have time to provide the best fuel to our bodies. Body is a treasure which should be treated carefully.

A few months ago I met Davis Lipskis. His offer was to try 2 products to diverse my menu - Instant Chaga and Princess Blend. Using these products during 30 days I felt that they totally met my needs. Everything in our life comes in a right time. I haven’t had a flu for years and this winter I had to stay at home for weeks. I felt that there is no worse punishment than being a prisoner of your body. It had to change!

I’ve always been a big coffee lover and in recent years I’ve noticed that whenever I’m hungry I grab a cup. As an Italian friend of mine said: Estonians are strange people – instead of having a afternoon nap they prefer to have a coffee and move on. My new replacement for coffee was Instant Chaga tea as I fell in love with its taste.

I drank the tea twice a day and the biggest difference between Instant Chaga tea and other natural caffein based drinks is that the effect lasts longer. I often have to supervise several trainings, and it has been quite a challenge to find nutrient rich and practical solutions between trainings. That’s what I like about the Instants – they‘re all in powder and can be easily added to smoothies.

I was usually so late at home and hungry in the evenings that I tended to overeat. Now, using Instant Chaga my eating habits are much more moderate and balanced. Four Sigma Foods recipe page is my favourite to get inspired since it offers plenty of ideas for every occasion. For example, I suggest to try the chocolate truffles. Another important bonus of FSF products is that they are 100% natural and don’t consist of any common allergens, harmful chemicals, or other toxic ingredients.

I added the Princess Blend powder in my morning porridge or yoghurt –  the taste remained the same and it was so easy! I like also that I can add the powders to all kinds of pastries. FSF slogan says “Princess Blend supports females with their hormonal system and cherish the goddess in them“. I didn’t turn to a goddess after 30 days, but every morning I felt like a real princess!

The testing period of FSF products overlapped with very intense and challenging period at work. I realized that I wasn’t tired after long training and office days. I had enough energy to spend quality time with my family. Through more emphasis on myself with the help of FSF supplements I’m a better mother, wife and person. I recommend food supplements to everyone who hasn’t had the courage to try them. We don’t have to be afraid of changes as they develop us and at the end of the day we are enjoying life more and are more as a whole.


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