FSF Challenge: Janis Lasmanis
Posted on 14th November 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Janis Lasmanis

My name is Janis Lasmanis (25), I am an ex-pro basketball player from Latvia even at the moment I live and work in London.

I have played basketball for 18 years, out of which six professionally. However, sports is still a huge part of my life that takes a lot of my time and energy as I work out 3-5 times a week in the gym, have 3-4 basketball practices plus 1 or 2 games every week. I am also obsessed with weight lifting at the gym, but because of injuries from basketball I couldn’t focus on it for long enough.

I am now working full time and still doing a lot of sports, my days are getting longer, I get to be outside a lot but it means more running from one activity to another. Living in London doesn’t make it easier with it’s weather and size. We do get a lot of rain and wind, especially in September when weather is changing, it’s raining a lot more, temperature drops a lot more and overall human body is weaker than during the other parts of the year. So I’m very happy I could be part of Four Sigma Food challenge during September, because Instant Chaga is the only reason I didn’t feel even the slightest symptoms of getting sick.

I used Instant Chaga in September, which is the month when everybody gets even a little sick, because of the weather and temperature change. London is well known for rainy and cold Septembers, but it didn’t affect my immunity at all this year, because I used Instant Chaga. It’s amazing how you can feel that it makes you stronger from day one of using it.

I didn’t even have a thought about getting sick, I felt strong like nothing can bother my daily routine. It’s amazing because all of my days are long and full of activities- full time job, regular gym workouts, basketball practices and games…and I truly believe Instant Chaga helped me to stay healthy,active and 100% efficient. I recommend this amazing natural product of Chaga to anyone, it definitely works.

I tried Instant Chaga with hot and cold water, mixing it into porridge and protein shakes. I liked it in porridge the most, but there are many ways to use Instant Chaga, so you can find your favorite!

Once more I want to thank all Four Sigma Foods team for getting me into their challenge and discover this amazing product of nature, that not only taste good, but is healthy and help you to stay on your track from day to day. Since Instant Chaga proved to be so effective, I believe all other FSF products are just as good.



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