FSF Challenge: Jesse Väänänen
Posted on 23rd March 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Jesse Väänänen


I’m a professional XC-skier and I’ve always wanted to do everything as well as possible.
I want to try everything and find my limits both physically and mentally. Some experiments have made a difference and stayed in my daily life, some haven’t. After an inspiring Skype session with Four Sigma Food’s Tero last autumn, I started to pay more attention to my diet. At first I was bit skeptical and didn’t quite know what to expect. But since I’ve had more than enough problems with my health during the last couple of years, I was ready to try anything that could stop the thread. After just couple days and only small changes, I found my energy levels rising and I wanted to try more. I was convinced.

jesse vaananen, spark, four sigma foods, luontolife, cordyceps

Getting started

When I got the chance to participate FSF Challenge, I didn’t hesitate a minute. I was really looking forward to explore my body and mind. I remember the day when six boxes of FSF Instant Cordyceps arrived to my door – it felt like Christmas. I loved the cool package and was ready to dig in deeper. The first dozes I mixed with cold water but the taste was slightly bitter. Later I started to use hot water and maybe add some organic honey. I also tried to blend Spark into different smoothies and even drank it during my exercises. I got used to the taste really quickly and now after a month, I just love it!

jesse vaananen, spark, four sigma foods, luontolife, cordyceps

jesse vaananen, spark, four sigma foods, luontolife, cordyceps

Staying healthy

It didn’t take too long when I noticed huge changes in my energy levels. I’ve had big problems with my lungs and unfortunately I had trouble to find out Spark’s effects to my oxygen uptake. During the month I felt I had more stamina and elasticity in my muscles. But most of all, I’ve stayed healthy. I haven’t suffered from any of those respiratory diseases that I’ve struggled before. But since I noticed significant improvements in my physical fitness I will most certainly keep on using Spark and test it more when my body is more balanced.

Lesson learned

One more thing, when I first started to make changes to my diet, I hoped for quick results. I hoped that I’ll improve my results on the skiing tracks. But after couple months of new diet and FSF Challenge on top of it, I’ve realized that it’s actually enough that I feel more energetic and enjoy my daily life more! Instead of hoping for results, I’ve enjoyed doing the right things with great people, like Four Sigma Food’s guys!




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