FSF Challenge: Jukka Mäennenä
Posted on 26th September 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Jukka Mäennenä

Jukka completed his FSF Challenge with LUONTOlife Zest, which is no longer being sold. Zest’s equivalent product is now called Instant Reishi. The only difference recipe wise between Zest and Instant Reishi is the taste – Instant Reishi is sweetened with Stevia and is more appealing to most people.. or not as taste is a completely subjective matter.

I like coffee, I really do. Not that I need its caffeine kick, I just enjoy the taste. Although drinking coffee isn’t the worst habit one can have I´m always open to alternatives and the better options.

Around nine months ago I visited Smoothie Studio and chatted with the owner, Jaakko Halmetoja. I have had plenty of good convos with him before, but this time it was something even better. He mentioned that he has a new project going with a few interesting guys. There is this new company, Four Sigma Foods, in Hong Kong, which goal is to produce superfood products that focus on effectiveness, ease of use, and ecological aspects. Their first product, FSF Instants, instant beverages that could be an healthy and easy alternative to coffee or any other similar beverages. I saw that he was serious, but somehow I forgot the whole thing quite soon after our meeting and just kept going on.

Fast forward couple of months and all of a sudden FSF Instants hit the shelves of Jaakko´s cafe and some shops nearby. Jaakko gave me test run right away with Instant Cordyceps. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it that how it tasted. It was quite similar to some herbal infusions.

When I heard about the FSF challenge I definitely wanted to have a go! Why not, I said, what I had to lose? Exactly, nothing. On the other hand I could benefit a lot of all the beneficial effects of medicinal mushrooms. A week later after filling up the form the Challenge package was in my home ready to be Challenged. I can’t believe it came all the way from Hong Kong!

At first I tried quite a many different ways to consume my daily dose of Zest (Editor’s note: Zest is an old product, which is now replaced by a sweeter Instant Reishi). Organic honey was all right, still a bit bitter to some peoples taste. In my opinion it was quite good though. At the end of the day, the winner was to mix some coconut milk and a teaspoon of maca in the mix! Not that I drink it always like that, but in my opinion it’s definitely one of the most delicious mix.

How about the effects? Good or bad? First of all I do not respond that easily to any kind of stimulants or other supplements. It takes a good four or five cups of coffee to get the ”shakes” that some people can get pretty easily. My regimen was the following: One cup of Zest in the morning before heading to the gym and two more (couple of hours apart) before heading to riding in the afternoon. So far I´ve liked the Zest. It gives a steady and balanced drive that can last for the whole day.

One funny thing happened during the challenge. I took a cup of Zest and headed to have a sport massage. Usually I almost fall asleep during the massage or at least I feel really tired for a while afterwards. This time however I was energetic the whole time and almost jumped up from the massage table after the session was over. Coincidence? Hard to say, but I’m going to try it couple of times more to make it sure.

Want something that gives a nice boost to your training, work, sports or what ever you’re doing? Try Zest (Instant Reishi) and you may surprised pleasantly. If nothing else, it doesn’t blow up your adrenal glands or make your body more acidic as coffee does.

Cover photo: Joni Järvensivu


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