FSF Challenge: Kaspar Vaha
Posted on 13th April 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Kaspar Vaha


I’m a professional Olympic style boxer who has represented both Finland and Estonia in international tournaments. Right now I’m happily the ruling Nordic, Baltic, Estonian and Finnish champion in my weight class (super heavyweight). I was also able to win two well respected international tournaments last year (GeeBee and Tammer). As I write this I’m getting ready for my main goal of the year – the qualifying tournament for the London 2012 Summer Olympics held in Trabzon, Turkey. My dream is to feel the Olympic spirit! :)

As you can imagine life of a boxer is not easy. Even on an average week I train 9-11 times hard and thus my body is often both mentally and physically literally beaten. I can totally agree with the ESPNs comment that boxing is the world’s most difficult sport. I think that in order to succeed in boxing – and in life for that matter – you have to be willing to work extremely hard and to believe in yourself. Being said that, I think you should still maintain an open mind to new things. And especially in nutrition I have applied this principle while trying to find the things that truly work for my body.

During the last year I’ve been extensively testing every “superfood” product on the market. I thought why not give them a chance since I can always go back to the things I ate before. So I have recently tested everything from spirulina to velvet antler. Well, some of them work and some don’t.

four sigma foods, kaspar vaha, luontolife, Instant Cordyceps, Instant Reishi, instant, cordyceps, reishi, lion's mane Credit: Antti Latva-Kyyny / antti@kulmassa.fi

How the Trial Proceed

Beginning of 2012 Erkki from LUONTOlife called me and told me about Instant Cordyceps. He gave me a box of that and a box of Instant Reishi. I was just about to go to a tough Estonian national team training camp so it was best possible acid test for any new product. After that I trained a while in Finland while drinking Instant Cordyceps during my second daily workout, which is usually sparring.

In March I was in the Olympic qualifying bid preparation camp in Italy with roughly five of the TOP 10 guys in the world including world champions and Olympic gold medal winners. There I trained three times a day while using Instant Cordyceps. On a typical day the first exercise was a 10 min warm up run, 4-5 times 3 min with different shadow boxing combinations, and both push ups and sit ups in between the sets. After roughly a 2.5 hour rest we had a set anaerobic runs with variety of different intensities/lengths. And then after a 4.5-5 hour rest we did the main exercise of the day focusing purely on boxing. We did either 9 different sparring rounds or 6 technique rounds and 3 sparring rounds. For those who are not so familiar with the world of boxing I can tell you that after a day like this with the big boys you never have a problem getting sleep.

The Surprising Effects

As I have a world-class fitness level, I didn’t feel that I need to use any product like this to recover from every little exercise. But when you have already done 1-2 exercises and you’re getting ready to prepare for the toughest session of the day, then I thought taking this Cordyceps based instant drink was creating remarkable boost to my body. Actually I found Instant Cordyceps to be one of the best – if not the best – superfood products on the market for a person like me. It gave me energy, mental focus, and helped me to recover faster from spars/intervals.

Now I do need to give full disclaimer. No product I have ever used has replaced the need to for rest! Not even this one. After 5 days in Italy doing my 6th spar round I was just shredded despite all the Instant Cordyceps I had drank. So before going into more sophisticated things like herbs and superfoods, any athlete or amateur should remember the importance of recovery times.

four sigma foods, kaspar vaha, luontolife, Instant Cordyceps, Instant Reishi, instant, cordyceps, reishi, lion's mane

In Conclusion

I think Instant Cordyceps works especially well when you need to sweat even the last resources out from your soul to the gym floor. As a pro athlete I can’t tell how well this will work a person who doesn’t live an active life, but if you practise any sport even a little bit I would recommend you try the Instant Cordyceps. And the same by the way goes to the Instant Reishi. But with serious athletes I think they could get 110-115% out of their training regime with a normal 100% input. And this extra force will make you a winner on no matter level you are.

People, remember to stay active in your life and look at what you are eating!

Peace and love,

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