FSF Challenge: Kirsi Pitkänen
Posted on 24th February 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Kirsi Pitkänen

I have some experiences with superfood before FSF Instant Reishi. I eat lots of wild blueberries, which are one kind of superfood to me. Tea made of chaga mushroom is also part of my diet, although irregularly and casually. Reishi mushroom, the active ingredient of FSF Instant Reishi, was a new companionship for me.

At first the taste was a little bit weird so I used natural honey to sweeten as recommended on package. The taste reminded me about chaga mushroom which has own specific taste too. After the very first day with FSF Instant Reishi the bitter taste came through and I started to wonder how I would get through the whole month. After few days of grimace caused by the taste, I decided to try something else as a sweetener. Vanilla sugar made of real vanilla proved to be an excellent choice for me. The taste of vanilla covered the bitterness and I started to enjoy the taste. At first I used a little bit of sugar, but soon I realized it wasn’t necessary. I also felt strange to mix FSF Instant Reishi into cold drinks or other beverages because of it´s specific and strong taste so I enjoyed my FSF Instant Reishi with hot water. In arctic conditions (-20 to -30 degrees of Celsius) of Finland’s winter it proved to be a good choice.

Photo credit: Heikki Korkalainen

In the end of the month I had enough courage to try on something else with FSF Instant Reishi than just plain hot water. I tried to mix it with different kind of teas, and green tea was absolutely my favorite. I tried to mix FSF Instant Reishi with glogg (molted wine, Scandinavian Christmas drink) too, and the result was a little bit cranky taste, which kind of reminded me about rum.

I was very busy during the whole month and my life was extremely irregular. I am a visual artist and I also do performing arts. During the FSF Challenge month I had a new exhibition coming, I had to document the earlier exhibition, a new performance coming, and like those weren’t enough already I was moving to another city. Because of all these things I had no time to sleep enough, and I ate when I remembered, if I remembered. In other words my body was dealing with hard stress.

kirsi pitkänen
Kirsi Pitkänen, The Bubble, performance 2012 – The Bubble is a performance based on interaction and improvisation. The Bubble debut was shown in Shanghai expo in 2010 where Pitkänen represented Finland and was performing for two months in Finland pavilion.

Maybe the stress was one of the reasons I didn’t notice any changes in my body at first. The very first effect I noticed after less than two weeks of use was how long I had energy to work without feeling tired. Even after sleeping only a few hours per night I felt fully rested, and I was able to keep on working, although, I cannot recommend this kind of lifestyle to anyone. Working under pressure and stress is very common for me and maybe that is why I didn’t notice any other concrete changes in my body.

Unfortunately lifestyle of irregular eating habits and continuously pulling all nighters has its consequences. Then your body is into overdrive and your digestion system is not working properly. I have been annoyed of the fluids that accumulated in my body because of the lack of sleep. And because I had no time to exercise, that naturally made things even worse. After two weeks of using FSF Instant Reishi I started to realize the changes in my digestion system, fluids stopped to accumulate that much, and I felt fresher and lighter than before. I was absolutely amazed! I can say with confident and smile that regular use of FSF Instant Reishi can truly affect your body positively, even under tough pressure. I started to recommend FSF Instant Reishi to everyone in similar conditions like me. I believe that effects of FSF Instant Reishi are individual.

Photo credit: Heikki Korkalainen




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