FSF Challenge: Lauri Mäkikalli
Posted on 22nd December 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Lauri Mäkikalli

The life of a student-athlete might sometimes feel challenging. Competing on the highest American college level requires dedication and time. Every time you step on the court or improve your fitness you have to give the maximum effort. You know that you are not only trying to improve yourself but also do the best to push your teammates to their limit. Then there is the other side of your life. The life when you have to be able to crunch those equations, learn the ancient Roman history and create new business models after a long day full of practices and lectures. The life of a student-athlete is balancing with athletic training and gaining knowledge. Sometimes it is challenging.

Discovering healthier lifestyle

Until this summer I was all about getting those carbs and proteins. The only essential nutrition components of an athlete, right? Even though I didn’t necessarily enjoy my meals neither felt good after eating I kept going. Having asthma, popping allergy pills and being sick in a fairly regular cycle came natural to me. It was until my asthma got a lot worse and none of the doctors seemed to have an answer. After hours and hours of research and many great advices I slowly started to change my nutrition. That was also when I bumped into Four Sigma Foods and their products.

30-Days of The Lion’s Mane

I signed up for the FSF-Challenge and got chosen to try the Lion’s Mane, which is a herb blend with Lion’s Mane mushroom. Having a sweet tooth like me, the Lion’s Mane was an excellent tea replacement with a great licorice-like taste. Even though I really enjoy it in hot water I also find it easy to use in my post-workout smoothies and after Tero’s advice, also in raw chocolate.

One of the major problems in my student-athlete life used to be staying awake and focusing in long night classes. I found the Lion’s Mane to have a relaxing effect while at the same time keeping me focused and alert. As I’m still experimenting simultaneously with a lot of different foods, it is difficult to evaluate if Lion’s Mane boosted my cognitive abilities and improved my memory, but I think these results will be seen in a longer period of time.

All I can say is that since I started to eat healthier I feel a lot better and more energetic than before. I haven’t been sick once and my skin looks a lot better. Not only is my food looking better than before, it also tastes better. Even though I still have asthma and allergies, I believe that with a healthier nutrition I can at least reduce the symptoms. Four Sigma Foods’ easy-to-use products fit perfectly my hectic lifestyle and will be part of my nutrition also in the future.


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