FSF Challenge – Mårten Boström
Posted on 13th June 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge – Mårten Boström

Mårten completed his FSF Challenge with LUONTOlife Spark, which is no longer being sold. Spark’s equivalent product is now called FSF Instant Cordyceps. The only difference recipe wise between Spark and Instant Cordyceps is the taste – Instant Cordyceps is sweetened with Stevia and is more appealing to most people.. or not as taste is a completely subjective matter.

I started my FSF Challenge month soon after running a 2.21’03″ marathon in Rotterdam. After fading badly after halfway (1.08’30″) my time was not going to be enough to qualify for the London Olympic Marathon, even if my time was the 2nd best by a Finn for the year.

My expectation before starting the FSF Challenge month was that I would feel a difference in my recovering ability at some point but did not expect a significant change right from day 1. My stomach got slightly upset during the first week but after that I was able to digest the SPARK-shots without trouble. The recovering period after running a marathon is always a great stress for the body and the ways the body starts feeling energetic again differs after each one. I did skiing the first week in order to keep the blood flowing without ground-impact in the legs. Two weeks after the marathon I was already ready to do orienteering in the woods, but my body was not quite ready for running on hard surface. Shorter distances in the woods were OK already 3 weeks after the marathon, which might have been partly due to Luontolife’s SPARK.

Mårten Boström, Four Sigma Foods, LUONTOlife

Unfortunately I suffered some setbacks in health through troublesome Achilles tendons a few weeks later as I had started to run in lighter shoes. There were a few races lately I had to withdraw from before reaching the finish line, but I feel like I have been quite well-balanced to face these difficulties. Other from sports my life has included quite big changes as my duty in a development project on Zanzibar (Tanzania) ended in February and I have tried to find a new occupation to keep me busy in between double-daily runs. Moving back to Helsinki, Finland has been another stress factor, during which having good nutrition has been a key factor.

As an elite athlete I strive to perfect all the aspects in my life to serve a healthier physique. Nutrition is a clear foundation in my mind. I have not been exposed to super foods without actively searching for knowledge about them. During my time studying at a hippy Flagstaff, Arizona there were some interesting people munching on stuff I had never heard of before. I have had times when my body really demands a certain chow – is it because we are able to identify which nutrients we are lacking at the moment? Perhaps, but how on earth could we respond to those calls if we have not been introduced to all the functional super foods available on our planet? I feel like our society has a tendency to focus on negative shocking news too much in favor for enlightening lessons from our surroundings. Modern medicine has taken over with a focus on revenue on the cost of putting the spotlight on making us live healthier.

Mårten Boström, Four Sigma Foods, LUONTOlife

I hope my experience from the FSF Challenge will keep me focused on living my life to my potential as doing so is a choice each and everyone have the chance to make!

- Mårten Boström


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