FSF Challenge: Outi Marttinen
Posted on 17th March 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Outi Marttinen


About 4 years ago I totally changed my lifestyle, eating habits and even my thinking. Ever since I’ve been experimenting with different superfoods and my diet probably seems quite unusual to many people with all the spirulina, chlorella, chaga and especially my daily green “swamp smoothies”. That said, I am very used to different kinds of superfoods and did not hesitate when I was asked to take part in Four Sigma Foods Challenge.

I lead quite an active life and have found that diet plays the main role in having enough energy to do everything I want. My immunity has always been quite low, although after my lifestyle change it has grown stronger; and I stress very easily. Reishi boosts the immune system, reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep among many other good qualities, so FSF Instant Reishi was just the right product for me to try.

Photo: “Swamp smoothie” with a lot of spirulina and other greens. Instant Reishi goes well into any kind of smoothies!

The First Week of FSF Challenge

I started the challenge with three sachets a day, as advised. The first thing I noticed was the taste, which I found very pleasant and not bitter at all. I did not need to use honey with Instant Reishi was recommended in the sachets. The feeling after drinking Instant Reishi was light and energetic. During the first week I had even too much energy and did not get much of sleep. I would suggest starting with a lower dose, maybe with one or two sachets a day, if you are very sensitive or new to reishi. Running is my dearest hobby, and during the first week I was able to add more kilometers to my regimen even after a short break in training.

From Sleep Walking to Quality Sleep

After the first week I sometimes forgot to take all the 3 sachets a day, but still discovered some very nice benefits. The best effect I noticed was the improved quality of sleep. I’m a very bad sleeper and even tend to sleepwalk, but after the first week of the FSF Challenge I started to sleep very well. I use an iPhone app called Sleep Cycle which analyzes my sleep patterns every night and makes neat graphs of them. Even the app began showing that my sleep patterns permanently changed from very irregular and shallow sleep to almost entirely deep sleep. Even after a short night’s sleep I felt rested and energetic. After the first week of FSF Challenge the weather did not favor running, so I can’t tell for certain if there has been any improvement in that.

Even though my diet is otherwise very healthy, I still have a terrible craving for anything and everything sweet. I had hoped that Instant Reishi would help me get rid of my bad habit of regularly eating something sweet. Unfortunately that did not happen, but I will continue the fight! I did not notice being less stressed during the trial period, but maybe I reacted less to the stress and was able to keep a positive mood even during the most hectic days.

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Photo: My dearest hobby running. Here in the middle of Stockholm marathon 2011, me wearing a pink shirt and Vibram Fivefingers.

Cons of Instant Reishi

There were not many cons about Instant Reishi. The worst thing about Instant Reishi I can come up with was the centered tear line, which made opening the sachet a bit of a pain in the butt. Apparently some changes are going to be made with the tear line in the next batch, which is a good improvement. Other than that I have not much negative to say about Instant Reishi. It still isn’t a cure-all remedy though. I got a flu during my FSF Challenge period, but felt I got better faster than normally. During the flu I took 4-5 sachets of Instant Reishi a day, but maybe I could have taken even more.

Conclusions and Future Testing

Instant Reishi is a good and easy to use product and I am very happy I could take part in Four Sigma Foods Challenge. I would recommend it especially to everyone having trouble sleeping or with high stress levels. I will continue using Instant Reishi, and probably will add Spark to my daily regimen. It will be interesting to see how Instant Reishi will work with Spark and if they together will improve my running and most of all my immune system.

- Outi




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