FSF Challenge – Pasi Hyvärinen
Posted on 6th June 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge – Pasi Hyvärinen

I’m a professional volleyball from Finland and I’ve been representing our national team for roughly 5-years now. During that time I’ve played in two European Volleyball Championships and in three Volleyball World Leagues. In the latter I’ve been fighting against the best teams in the world and even been able to once win Brazil. If I need to comment about my accomplishments a bit, then I guess being ranked as the best players in my position in two World Leagues must be “the” thing. I’ve also been back in the days 5th at the Beach Volleyball Youth World Champs, but I had to give up on beach volley quite early on as the indoor national team always plays their tournaments during the summer.

I’ve also played one season as a pro in France, after which I noticed that the lifestyle of a professional indoor volleyball player was not for me and therefore decided to return back to home to concentrate on my Uni studies. Right now I’m studying in the University of Jyväskylä at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences. My dreams are more and more focused around music and exploring the world! We’ll see where I’m in five years…

My Experiences on Instant Cordyceps

My FSF Challenge was quite twofold. I started using the Instant Cordyceps(previously known as Spark) first for one month with moderate dosage (1 sachet per day) during my study period. I felt great using the product for this month! It improved my quality of sleep and thus resulted in more energy for my daily routines. Being so excited about the product I continued the test for another month with a more intense 3 sachet per day pace, and that didn’t unfortunately bring as bright results…

My second test period started in the backend of April just as I started my intense national team training camp in Kuortane, Finland. During the first week of intense use I felt pretty normal. Nothing super, nothing bad. I trained extremely hard twice a day, and the training camp in Finland was immediately followed by another training camp in Spain. I continued my daily use of Instant Cordyceps and also my arduous exercise regime. Due to my studies I had not trained so hard in a while, so I started to feel slightly lethargic towards the end, but nothing I hadn’t felt before in my career. At the end of the camp I started to notice a surprising effect in my body. My breath was getting tighter during the evenings, which was a bit unexpected as Cordyceps is especially known to help with lungs and our respiratory system. This was the first spring/summer I had felt slight allergic reactions, but since I didn’t want to risk to upcoming Olympic Trials and World Cup, I decided to stop using Instant Cordyceps. As it was an intense few weeks, I’m not sure quite sure what caused my lung pain, but surely Instant Cordyceps didn’t stop it.

Pulling It All Together

So this time I couldn’t do the whole 30-day FSF Challenge, which bugs me out a bit. Especially when on the first time around I felt so good with using the product. I guess our body works in mysterious ways where something that works for one, might not work for another. And what works now, might not work in the future.

I still want to thank all the FSF Team members for giving me the chance to participate in this challenge. It was interesting to test the product and I’m absolutely I will be using various superfoods in the future…just need to find the right combos :)

Be good! :)

-Pasi Hyvärinen




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