FSF Challenge: Tuomas Kytömäki
Posted on 31st October 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Challenge: Tuomas Kytömäki

Let’s kick things off with a formal introduction. Wikipedia introduces me in the following way “Tuomas Kytömäki is an actor, who became known for his role as Aleksi Salin in the Finnish hit soap series Salatut elämät. He won the reality television series contest V.I.P. in the year 2004”. I consider myself more as a media professional who has extensive background in both TV and radio. In my personal life I have always been a vivid nature lover and regular sight in the Finnish Lapland hiking trails. This close connection with nature has helped me to sustainably manage the hectic urban life in our nations capital.

My path to finding chaga

My “food consciousness” started to show its first signs in 2005, when I found the writing of Doctor Antti Heikkilä through my friend. Apparently Mr. Heikkilä had cured over 3,000 incurable people with the low-carb diet. Few years later I came across an eBook called Nutrix written by the Official Finnish Jungleman Olli Posti (editors note: the most visited Finnish food blog that FSF also sponsors with mushrooms). Through that eBook I found all the so called superfoods as well. My first big love from them was chaga, which resonated with me immediately after I heard of it. Boiling chaga tea soon became my daily activity which meant that my long-term mushroom hunting habit got new dimensions when I needed to look up as well as down to find the treasures… :)

The results me and my close friends have gotten from chaga are so positive that its even hard to put into words. Deep down I knew I had finally found a long lost “candy shop” called Mother Earth.

Falling in love with Instant Reishi

After hearing from chaga I also met Jaakko Halmetoja (editors note: the Superfood Advisor of FSF), who told me more about medicinal mushrooms. Realizing that we only know about 10% of all the mushrooms on our planet opened the idea of a shroom-revolution. Once I heard of reishi and cordyceps, I knew I needed to try them as well. Just like an answer from some higher force I was given a sample of the Four Sigma Foods Instant Reishi (called Zest then). It was so easy to use and handy that it changed my whole mindset about using mushrooms in my daily diet. I started mixing them with a cup of organic coffee and ever since I have only been drinking that combo at work. No longer I can even see an option taking my daily caffeine dosage without mushrooms. After few months of use I noticed that my sleep quality had increased a lot.

FSF Challenge on Instant Cordyceps

Last summer I had the chance to interview Mikko and Tero for Radio NRJ show, and after that the guys proposed me to go for a 30-day Cordyceps (Instant Cordyceps) challenge. I was naturally in. For one month I drank 3 sachets of Instant Cordyceps every day and after about 2-weeks I noticed how the polysaccharides were seriously starting to kick in. I had more energy in my body and daily chores felt much, much easier.

The biggest difference I felt right after the challenge when I was again hiking in Kilpisjärvi Lapland. Despite packing a too heavy backpack (I know, rookie mistake), vigorous uphills, and the million mosquitoes I was just buzzing. I am an experienced hiker in these terrains, but for the first time in my life the trails of Kilpisjärvi felt easy. I was actually rocking both the uphills and downhills so fast that I needed to calm down in order not to finish the trails faster than planned.

Final words

After the FSF Challenge I am still using all the four Instants every week. I can warmly recommend these powerful beverages, especially because they are just so damn handy to use. I have truly never felt better!


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