FSF Charity – Education for us and them
Posted on 15th September 2012, by Tero.

FSF Charity – Education for us and them

As many of you know from our previous FSF Charity blog post, we’re working this year with the charity organization Project Little Dream (PLD) for enabling better schooling possibilities to children in the rural area of Cambodia. We think that uneven educational possibilities is one of the five major unsolved issues in our world along with sustainable energy, overpopulation, misaligned income distribution, and most importantly lack of global compassion for one another. But why does a health food company like us sees education in 3rd world countries being such a vital part of their own journey? Let me try to explain our view a bit.

Six E’s to help the world to be a better place

We’ve talked before about the Six E’s that are needed to democratize herbalism and superfoods. Even though our main focus is on the “Triple E” of Easy, Effective, and Ecological it doesn’t mean we don’t care about the three remaining E’s. To make superfoods more Economical we recently launched our new FSF Bulk product line and to educate people we quite actively share free information in this blog. The funny part is that with slight modification these same Six E’s can be translated into any social problem and then education often is in the center of everything. Proper basic education is like a hygiene factor to be able to tackle other significant issues.


You can choose, they can’t

“Education should be available to all, not just to a privileged few.” - Aung San Suu Kyi

To be brutally honest, increasing education in the developed countries doesn’t require much money, contacts or development programs. It’s a choice! Right here, right now, an individual decides to be curious about life – or not to be. That’s all. All the rest (e.g. tools, resources) are already there. But in the underprivileged areas around the world the situation is not the same. Even in places where there’s free state-run schools, kids will not be educated. See, the statement ‘free’ only applies to the tuition, not to the uniform, books, stationery, transport and most importantly to the time the children have. These children are expected to help out at home, by working in the rice fields, taking the cows out to graze, or taking care of younger children. Time for school is a luxury not all children can afford. For them reading interesting stuff Wikipedia is not feasible from time, language or technology point-of-view.

Taking baby steps

After we have acknowledged the importance of education you often are forced to ask a more pragmatic question: “what are you going to do about it?”. Here we see the circle closing on why did we want to work with PLD this year. We wanted to create something super concrete that our small team of 16 foodpreneurs can realistically make happen. Something achievable, but something meaningful. So with PLD, their partner New Futures Organisation (NFO), and NFOs main funder CamKids we sought to assist in providing school books and other essential school material for the PLD’s 4th school students in Thnouh, Takeo. This particular school will be build  in December 2013. And after few months from now, this December, we’re participating on the extension constructions of the 3rd School in Thon Mun village!

Here’s the kicker: By helping these NGOs do their thing, we’re not only helping a bunch of kids to learn stuff but also help ourselves to learn more. Already in this brief time they have helped us to see so many things… And I’m sure going to Cambodia in December-January to physically help on the building process our team will expose themselves for a big lesson in life from a completely different way of life through these young orphans.

Giving is also getting

A left-brain focused person only sees charitable actions as a liability. Money goes out, nothing comes back in. Our two cents is that amoral people might make great business leaders, but they make bad citizens. So the more you give, the more you get. So be opening your mind and heart to give someone a leg up you can never lose. Never!

Give your help by donating for the upcoming material purchases or buying a cool and unique wallet size bag made out of cement sack material used in previous schools. Enter the FSFstore here

Yours truly,
Tero on the behalf of the FSF Team


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