FSF Charity – We’re building a school!
Posted on 18th August 2012, by Mika.

FSF Charity – We’re building a school!

I’m really thrilled to introduce you to our latest project. Before I go to the details, let’s go back in time a bit.

Throughout the past decade our core group has been strongly involved with different non-profit projects. Just to name few, we’ve created a sports club for amateurs, raised money for disadvantaged children for cycling from Finland to Greece, and held lectures for numerous people about holistic health. The desire for making good has always been present. Actually charity is one of our three key activities and it will always be part of our DNA.

After careful consideration we’ve decided to team up this year with Hong Kong based charity organization, Project Little Dream (PLD).For the past few years they have successfully built three schools to Cambodia. Since one of our values is to educate our customers with our nutritional expertise (e.g. Superfood 101) to be more aware of the link between nutrition and health, it’s needless to say that PLD’s mission “Enable universal education to all” also resonates with us.

Today, there are thousands of possibilities to give a helping hand. At the same time it is really hard to know if the donation is really going to be beneficial for the aided. Too many times a quick street conversation with the members of the charity organizations indicates that only a portion of the money will end helping the cause itself after the administrative and other costs. To us it’s utmost important that the charity organization is transparent, the impact is measurable, the aid goes directly to the cause and that we can be personally involved. With PLD we can deliver these results.

PLD in a nutshell by Denise So

Liked what you saw? I bet the school students will be even more happier, when they have a place and equipment to learn to read, write and much more!

How to get involved?

If you want to be part of this project and help the young children, you surely can. Here’s how.


1. Give 5 children school books for their entire school period

By purchasing this cool wallet sized bag you will provide five children education books for their entire school period which is 3-4 years long. The bag is made out of the cement bag material that was used for building previous schools. The bag is also suitable for our Instant drinks, and if you like to purchase our instants bundle at the same time, we’ll donate another book set to five more children. Purchase your bag here!


2. Donate for stationary, chairs and tables

If you just want to donate money without getting anything in return, find out here where your money will be directed. PLD will use this money to buy stationary, tables and chairs for the students. Donate here!


Other key points of the projects

1. Since 2011 the schools build by PLD have benefited 530 students to this date. The upcoming Thnough village school will benefit over hundred households annually.

2. The children will get two types of education, elementary and intermediate.
A) The elementary course does not have specific requirements. Children who have not been exposed to any form of education will attend the elementary course. The course offers them basic daily vocabulary and grammar to read and write. Depending on their progress, usually after 3-4 years, they can choose to attend the intermediate courses.
B) Intermediate courses are attended by fewer students. They aim to offer a more advanced knowledge of job-oriented education. The courses also give the opportunity for the students, who don’t have the possibility to attend exams in the state schools, to progress. The students in the elementary courses are 5-10 years old and the age for the students in the intermediate courses vary between 11 and 18 years.

3. PLD is mostly formed out of university students. There are almost 30 volunteers working for the organization.

4. The budget for building the school in Thnough village is around $30,000. The actual building process will begin in December 2013

5. FSF members are personally going to help to build the expansion part to the previous school in Thon Mun in December 2012 due to its increased demand.

6. Read more about PLD from their website – www.littledream.org

Four Sigma Foods will keep you posted about the process throughout the following months. In the meanwhile we invite you to be part of enabling education to underprivileged children. After all education should be available to all, not just for a privileged few.



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