FSF Contribution
Posted on 8th January 2014, by Tero.

FSF Contribution


I’m super-über happy to announce our new FSF Contribution. Starting Jan 1st for every box of Instant beverages people buy, we will donate one portion of dual extracted medicinal mushrooms to a cancer patient. Once enough boxes are bought we will donate a Mushroom Kit worth $1,500 containing five legendary medicinal mushrooms.


So after two annual charity projects, we will now be starting a charity process. This means that we will be working with cancer for many years to come. We want to deep dive on this cause and make a little bigger impact than the years before.

Why focus on cancer?

No doubt cancer is one of the health related hot potatoes of our time. Every politician and global health expert keeps jabbing about it. Why all the fuss? Let’s start from the beginning. Cancer is a group of diseases – over 200 different types exist – characterized by uncontrolled spreading of abnormal cells. Any part of the body can be affected. One could even say that each and everyone of us get’s these abnormal cells monthly, but it’s the people who have a too inactive immune response to protect themselves whose abnormal cells take over so much that the growth pace is no-longer controllable.

By the time you have finished reading this blog post, over 2,000 died because of cancer (about 15 people die of cancer every second). You can stop reading it now, but the death toll will not stop. To stop it, you need to act!

Cancer is one of the biggest health problems of our time.

· Over 13% of all deaths in the world are due to cancer.
· Cancer with children is more rare compared to adults, but it’s still the 2nd biggest cause of death (after accidents).
· Experts say that even 1/2 will get cancer during their lives, but luckily 30% of those could be prevented/cured.

What has mushrooms to do with cancer?

Medicinal mushrooms contain many well-studied health beneficial ingredients. They tend to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-cancer and anti-metastatic. There are several active compounds such as Superoxide dismutase, Polysaccharide-K, Lentinan, Triterpenes and D-fractions. Basically they work as immunomodulators that “fuel” your own immune system in two-directionally. The for example boost the production of cytokines and activate macrophages.


How will we actually help?

“Whenever you read a cancer booklet or website or whatever, they always list depression among the side effects of cancer. But, in fact, depression is not a side effect of cancer. Depression is a side effect of dying.” ― John Green

We want to help and inspire people around this topic. The actual help comes in the form of so-called Mushroom Kits, which we will donate for cancer patient. Every kit will contain five mushrooms, which the receiver can eat large dosages for over 6 months; little over 8 months actually, if you don’t spill the extract powder too much to the kitchen floor like we often do.

The kit contains the following super mushrooms in state-of-the-art dual extraction form:

Many battles against cancer have been lost, but the war is not over!

How to get involved?

1. Buy our Instant Beverages anywhere, anytime
2. Propose or apply yourself to become a receiver of Mushroom Kits. One kit is worth over $1,500. You can apply via email [link]
3. Give us ideas how to make this even better. Drop us a line!

Would you like to learn more? Well stay tuned on our Facebook channel as things progress and check out our new FSF Contribution page.


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