FSF Gizmo
Posted on 26th May 2012, by Mikko.

FSF Gizmo

Triple E – Effective, Easy-to-use, and Ecological. These three qualities are carved into the Four Sigma Foods ideology now and in the future. That’s why I’m so proud to introduce you a completely new FSF product today.


FSF Gizmo is a robust yet sophisticated multifunctional machine for all home chefs and private smoothie studios. It’s a magic machine that blends, mixes, chops, grinds, and juices. It makes smoothies, pastes, soups, guacamole, nut milk, chocolate, and even ice cream. Beautiful, yet extremely powerful. There really is a beast inside it.

FSF Gizmo was created when our team started to look for a suitable food processing solution for our own needs. We searched and searched but most of the products weren’t good enough. Those few that passed our quality tests were ridiculously overpriced. They just costed way too much compared to the value they brought. Since there was no optimal solution out there, we decided to create our own. FSF Gizmo project hasn’t been the easiest project ever, but we made it and I’m unbelievably happy about the end result. I can prepare healthier foods much quicker now.

It doesn’t matter which diet you are on, the food you eat needs some sort of processing. Even the most minimalistic food processing involves at least one of the following methods: chop, grind, blend or mix. FSF Gizmo can do all these in a matter of seconds and all you need to do is press a button. It is an essential machine in every kitchen. Normal blenders that you can find for example from supermarkets can take you only so far, but their powerless engines and low-quality blades can handle only very simple and thin water-based smoothies. What if you could make nourishing smoothies, healthy hemp seed milk, and fancy drinks in less than 5 minutes? What if you could make guacamole to your whole neighborhood in less than 5 minutes? With FSF Gizmo you can!

With FSF Gizmo’s powerful engine and carefully selected functions guarantee every home chef, superfoodist, and bartender finds FSF Gizmo a useful upgrade to their current kitchen equipment.

We have purposely priced FSF Gizmo under its real market value to boost this effect. In comparison similar, though less powerful products, normally cost 750€ – 1000€ (US$ 990-1300) outside of the US. Our more powerful and simply stunning FSF Gizmo’s Recommended Retail Price is only 699€ (US$ 926), but our first batch will be sold with a significant discount to support our mission to democratize superfoods.

Image Credits: Nick Harris, Wild Tofu, Matthias Rhomberg

We also give FSF Gizmo A full 30 days FSF guarantee – if you are not happy about FSF Gizmo, just send it back to us and we will refund you the full price and take care of any additional costs. No questions asked.

Read the full specification of FSF Gizmo here

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Have a delicious Sunday!


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