FSF Green Honey
Posted on 14th July 2012, by Mikko.

FSF Green Honey

If you walk to honey shelves at ordinary grocery stores, you will find a wide variety of honey products. Unfortunately, at least 90% of those so called honeys are not real honey anymore. They actually are some kind of yellowish sugary substances which production methods are beekeeping equivalents to factory farming. Often those methods lay unnecessary suffering over bees, drastically lowering the quality of the honey, and finally mechanically destroying the last remaining nutrients in the honey. That is of course before packing it to cheap plastic jars, which dissolves toxic substances into the not-so-honey sweet matter.

This is such a shame as honey, and other bee products for that matter are almost magical foods with long and admirable history all over the world. Honey products are being used by almost every high-culture in the world since the Egyptians. They are mentioned in pretty much every major sacred book ever written – from The Bible and ancient Chinese writings to the Talmud and Ayurvedic writings. You can find remarks of honey from the Koran and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek anecdotes and Baltic folklores.

As you already know, FSF loves superior food products. Since high quality honey is perhaps the oldest and the most legendary superfood, it is only natural that we bring our own FSF honey products to the market.


Having said that, let me introduce to you a new FSF product line – FSF Honeys

Although the name, FSF Honeys are more than honey. They are the finest quality, ecologically gathered, mindfully processed, and 100% raw and vegetarian bee goodness, enhanced with some of the best superfoods on Earth.

FSF Green Honey – Raw honey (89%) enhanced with Spirulina (11%)

Four Sigma Foods, LUONTOlife, Spirulina, Propolis, raw honey, FSF

Yes, we have mixed two perhaps the most highly valued superfoods in the world.

Honey is rich in minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and enzymes. It has been considered an extremely powerful spiritual food, nourishing body and soul, and said to be the most sattvic food in the world. Honey’s potent antiseptic, antioxidant, and cleansing properties make it also extremely useful in caring for the body, both internally and externally. Honey has proven effective in treating digestive problems such as diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis. Even more, honey has been called “nature’s energy booster,” known for its ability to give a near-instant boost to performance and endurance, as well as reducing muscle fatigue during exercise.

Spirulina is loaded with nutrients the body craves. Between 65 and 71% of spirulina’s weight is top-quality, complete and easily-assimilated protein. It is more protein-dense and more digestible than any sort of animal based meat. Though most plants contain little or no vitamin B12, spirulina is a fine source of this crucial vitamin, along with several other B vitamins, and vitamins E and K. Spirulina is rich in minerals, omega-3 fatty acids including GLA, mucopolysaccharides, chlorophyll and beta-carotene. In short, spirulina is a food that contains nearly all necessities of life that human body needs to thrive.

Honey and spirulina work synergistically adding to each other’s qualities. Enzymes of honey improves digestibility and absorption rate of vital nutrients of spirulina, making FSF Green Honey possibly the most absorbable spirulina product in the world.

FSF Green Honey+ – Raw honey (89%) enhanced with Spirulina (10%) and Propolis (1%)

Four Sigma Foods, LUONTOlife, Spirulina, Propolis, raw honey, FSF

FSF Green Honey upgraded with another fantastic bee product, propolis. Propolis is wax that bees produce to protect their hives. It is one of the strongest naturally occurring antibiotics, and is widely used for its antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It supports the ability to reduce inflammation, improves the liver’s functions, reduce cholesterol levels, stabilize blood pressure, promotes regeneration of new tissues over injuries, and has tranquilizing effects on the body and mind.

Nourish the body and mind

FSF Honeys work in several different ways nourishing, energizing, protecting and regenerating your body and mind.

  1. Essential nutrients your body craves for in highly absorbable form – better than any multivitamin product out there
  2. High quality absorbable vegetarian protein – easy for your liver, excellent for you tissues
  3. Energize in two phases – instant energy right after consumption and slow energy within the next few hours
  4. Immune-shield – helps your body to protect itself from viruses and bacteria
  5. Regenerator – speed up your healing time and cut off your recovery time
  6. Mind-body connection – as highly spiritual products, honey and spirulina, brings you an entirely new level of consciousness

FSF Honeys is our solution for busy individuals who crave high-quality food, but don’t want to compromise with convenience and taste. FSF Honeys are vegetarian and they don’t contain any of the common allergens like soy, gluten or lactose. Last but not the least, they are of course free of harmful additives.

As a big time honey and spirulina consumer, this was a dream-come-true to me. Hope you like it too. Do you think this is a product you could try? ;)

Have a SWEET weekend!




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