FSF Interviews – Jaakko Halmetoja
Posted on 29th January 2012, by Mikael.

FSF Interviews – Jaakko Halmetoja

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Jaakko Halmetoja is a well-known nutritionist in the Finnish health food scene in addition to lecturing in the Baltic Countries. In 2011 he gave almost 150 lectures and more than 100 interviews to newspapers, radio channels and television. At the moment he is advising various health food companies, writing two books and studying to extend his knowledge. He is also an advisor to LUONTOlife and a writer of the e-book that can be downloaded for free on this link. At the moment Jaakko is visiting David Wolfe at NoniLand in Hawaii to learn more.


Jaakko has always been interested in health and nutrition, not least because both of his parents are P.E. teachers. He used to be one of the top submission wrestlers in Finland and his daily routines included two training sessions during his teenage years.

Jaakko began his “career” in nutrition after reading a book about paleo nutrition in 2004 but the real enlightenment to superfoods and herbalism came in 2008, and he is still on the same ride:
“In my opinion health is a state of being and you don’t really need to think about it when you’re doing the right things. Health is a lifestyle that influences our lives every moment why I’m gratified that I’ve been healthy for the last five years due to a change in my life habits and nutrition”, Jaakko pinpoints.

It is important to listen to one’s body and Jaakko is a good example of this. He rotates different adaptogenic herbs and at the moment rodiola and maca are the special herbs in his elixirs. He also uses plenty of cayenne, ginger and chilies during the cold months as they heat the body. Adaptogens are important to all of us as they are claimed to increase the resistance to stress and fatigue.

My overall liquid consumption is around 4-6 litres per day, and during the summer I drink 4-5 litres of spring water alone daily.

What does a health enthusiastic eat on the morning when an important day is to begin?
“Basically I do a big elixir that is kind of an updated version of a smoothie that I can drink during the day. The base of an elixir is tea with medicinal mushrooms or other local herbs. Especially during the winter time I also add around 1 dl of oils and fats like coconut or other cold-pressed plant oils. Now I’ve also used Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend with adaptogenic herbs but during the summer I replace most of the proteins and fats with berries, coconut water and other cooling agents.”

One of the most important learnings Jaakko has found is to drink plenty of liquids:
“My overall liquid consumption is around 4-6 litres per day, and during the summer I drink 4-5 litres of spring water alone daily.”


Jaakko describes his diet as “exotic, experimental and extreme”. One could call it as an aphrodisiac diet too as most of the foods in Jaakko’s diet have an aphrodisiac influence. Many Finnish people know Jaakko as “The chocolate alchemist” due to his tips and promotion of raw chocolate.

Thus I couldn’t hesitate asking what should we include to our homemade chocolate for our loved one?
“Hahhah. One of the best and easily available herbs to use is maca that is definitely effective. If you get access to traditional herbs like muira puama for men or dong quai for women, go for those. It’s also recommended to add little mint, chili or vanilla to bring taste.”

If you’re really passionate about something, sexual energy is behind us like when you’re in love.

Outside the official interview I have to mention Jaakko’s private tip that after eating a dozen of raw cocoa beans dipped in organic honey there’s no stepping back…

Jaakko eats plenty of different things but he also has his favorites:
“My favourite meal is chaga-based chocolate drink that has chaga tea as a base, and flavors like berries, bee pollen, and honey to add taste. It is hard to say that one food would be the favorite but maybe chaga would be my number one. I’ve been interacting with mushrooms so much, and all the benefits it has given and will give in future earns the top spot. “


Apart from nutritious health Jaakko has also explored other health venues. He recently attended a course by Andrew Barnes in Berlin with the topic “Tantric Energetic Full Body Orgasm”:
“It is extremely important to know how to move our sexual energy and use it as a healing agent. Many people have dramatic experiences about sexuality that block their true masculine or feminine nature. The main idea in Chinese medicine is that if we block our feelings we don’t express ourselves”, Jaakko summarizes his learnings.

But how does the master itself use sexual energy in everyday life?
“Heheh. The biggest linkage is between testosterone and sexual energy. If you’re really passionate about something, sexual energy is behind us like when you’re in love. You need to consume the mental food before the physical food.”

There are always new trends and products coming into industry but especially two superfoods have attracted his interest:
“Baobab is nutritious powder from the fruit and it’s really high in minerals. Another one is a green leafy plant called moringa that is maybe on the top 5 of all the superfoods in the world due to its hugely rich content of alkaloids and minerals. Moringa will be a big hit”, Jaakko predicts.

Jaakko things that in future superfoods will become easier to use and more available to mainstream people that anticipates the growth of products like trail and powder mixes, and instant hot drinks.

There is a massive amount of information about health and diet out there. Jaakko gets most of his knowledge by reading.
“Readers are leaders. I’ve read hundreds of books during the last few years. I have also listened plenty of audio books, podcasts, etc. I love to watch aspiring leaders in YouTube and I want to learn from them how to package and share information. My all time favorites are David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis, who have given me a lot.”


Many people, including the writer, are or were skeptical about superfoods for the long time. Also Jaakko wasn’t convinced about organic and hippie things in the beginning:
“It is important to give people a chance to experience things as no one takes food and diet matters for granted. You don’t need to try argue with your friends if you can just let them try the good stuff. Do some raw chocolate or give them coffee like medicinal mushroom tea that tastes good”, Jaakko advises.

Jaakko has noticed that many people try things but implementing those to daily routines is a lot harder task:
“For me one of the biggest things has been to study and get inspired daily to keep the routines. It is easy to break the habit when you’re around people who might not have the same lifestyle or opinions about health. YouTube, podcasts and blogs keep your mind busy when you’re faced with choices every day”, Jaakko guides.

Another Jaakko’s tip for readers is to start juicing and blending food to revitalize the body and get more nutrients especially as many people have trouble with digestion and stomach.

What plans does a guy, who has over 2000 Facebook friends and a strong following in Finland, has for year 2012?
“After hectic 2011 I want to concentrate more into studying, and not only new products but also the business way of the industry. I also want to learn the best ways on how to affect different groups of people and to get words through”, Jaakko plans.

Jaakko wants to travel more in Europe learning and so far his favorite country to lecture in has maybe surprisingly been Estonia.

“Estonians are really interested about health. When I first went there I thought there would be around 30 people listening but to my surprise there were ten times more active listeners.”

Certainly there is more to come from this young but ambitious Finn. So let’s stay on the loop whether it’s his new book or an orgasm course.



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