FSF Interviews – Kate Magic
Posted on 10th February 2013, by Tia.

FSF Interviews – Kate Magic

Kate Magic knows the vegetable kingdom and how to enjoy it, too: she has been eating mostly raw foods for over 20 years. Shift to the ever more popular lifestyle started when Kate moved away from home and became vegetarian at the age of 17, then vegan and from there, only raw foods. “I’ve always wanted to find the foods that work for me the best. I’m pretty sure I was gluten and lactose intolerant. I’ve always been big fan of vegetables.”

According to Kate, everyone can benefit from eating more raw food, although going raw once and for all is not the best option for everyone.
“The body has an innate self-healing capacity. When given the right tools, it will do everything it can to heal itself. Once you start feeling good, then you naturally want to start doing more. Forcing yourself is not wise; find a level that suits you. Even just 50% raw makes you feel amazing. There’s definitely a magic, a whole new energy that comes in. It’s a journey.”

“The main thing people need to get back into is a whole foods diet. The majority of the health issues that we encounter are simply due to a deviation from that. In the past, the majority of what we ate was local, not processed and packaged. Currently, the general state of health in Western societies is pretty tragic.“

Who said raw couldn’t be delicious?

Magic Bubble: Superpower Shield

Kate Magic is spreading the raw love to her loyal followers in Kate’s Magic Bubble, her now 3 years old internet community. In The Bubble, Kate regularly updates her collection of over 400 exclusive articles, recipes, interviews and videos regarding raw foods and everything that comes along with the lifestyle.
“This may sound crazy, but raw foods was just my mission. Like someone who has always wanted to play piano, I just always knew I had to do food. I’ve got all this experience to share, and now people are waking up to the benefits of healthy eating. The world is the most insane it’s ever been! People need to find the strength and energy within themselves to deal with the demands and the stresses of everyday llife.”

When it comes to the magical name of The Bubble, Kate tells us: “I don’t know, really, it was just one of those things. This American guy who was helping me set up the site had bubbles on his Skype picture. Now the meaning is about building your own superhero force-field, a protective shield. It’s so easy to get sucked into negativity, so self-awareness and wisdom are important. Don’t let anyone burst your bubble!”

Besides keeping The Bubble bubbling with the latest innovations and innovators, Kate is busy home educating her 3 sons, all of whom are on raw diet as well. She is really excited about Bikram yoga, and is thinking about going to yoga teacher training. “I also go out a lot, I’ve got a good social life. I go clubbing quite a bit, I love music and I’d like to do more DJ’ing as well.” In addition to her hobbies, Kate travels about every week. She loves to meet people and hold events, rather than sit behind the computer.

According to Kate, living raw brings completely new levels of energy

Up the Raw: One In, One Out

What is the best ingredient you know, your favorite in cooking?
“It’s really hard to say…maybe avocado would be one of them. It’s so versatile. Baobab is another favorite. It is a natural flavor enhancer that works in anything, both sweet and savoury dishes.”
At the end of this interview, Kate reveals her special Lion’s Mane avocado pesto recipe.

Do you use medicinal mushrooms / what are your experiences with them? “I really love them. I have used them for about 5 years. I really feel like they’re one of the best things for creating this superhero shield, sense of inner strength. It’s hard to put in words. It fills in the holes, makes you feel like whatever it is, you can do it. They’re also very good in immune-boosting. I love superfoods, because they work both in the physical body and the energetic body.”

Kate’s advice on how to start eating raw includes some trading: “Do a one in, one out system. Choose one thing you’re eating out of habit and drop that. Instead, include a new food that sounds exciting: for example, rather than coffee, drink reishi tea. Instead of trying to include lots of things, take it slowly.”

When it comes to the essentials of the raw diet, in addition to the conventional vegetables and leafy greens such as kale, Kate lists: “Lots of hydration and liquids, since it is important to be fully alkalized. Healthy fats, such as avocados, coconut, flax and hemp are needed, too. Superfoods are good because they are nutrient-dense, helping our bodies which are exposed to pollution and under stress. Little amounts of maca, spirulina and reishi are always good. They really work better if you take them in smaller amounts over longer period of time. Make it a daily habit.”

According to Kate, one can avoid unhealthy cravings by having a small portion of the craving along with a large portion of raw food. “It is not good to deprive yourself and ignore cravings, since they are signs of deficiencies. You should find a way to substitute cravings. Up the raw! The craving will become disappointing when you have something that tastes good and makes you feel good instead.”

A quote Kate is constantly being reminded of right now is from Goethe: “Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” I believe the universe loves it when we take big risks. The more we push ourselves, the more the universe appreciates our courage and daring and looks to support us in making our dreams happen. If the choices we are making for ourselves are limiting and not about accessing our full potential, then those kind of situations never work out optimally. Dream big and see what miracles will unfold!“

Lion’s Mane Pesto

Recipe by Kate Magic 2013

Makes 8 servings
Takes 10 mins
You need a Blender
This pesto is gorgeous spread thinly on crackers or use as salad dressing for some seasonal green leaves.

- 1 large bunch basil
- 1 large avocado
- 1 clove garlic
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
- 1 tbsp agave nectar
- 1 tsp lion’s mane powder
- 1 tsp white miso

Prepare the basil for the blender. You can use most of it, you may want to discard some of the ends if they are very thick and woody. Scoop out the meat of the avocado with a spoon. Put everything in the blender together, and blend until you have a gorgeous thick paste. Store in the fridge in an airtight container, it should keep for as long as a week.


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