FSF Recipes – Chinese Longevity Tea
Posted on 23rd October 2012, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Recipes – Chinese Longevity Tea


- 1-1.5L of (spring) water
- One handful of goji berries cut in half (giving more surface)
- 4 small pieces of fresh ginger
- 3 sachets of Instant Reishi
- 1 dl of coconut flakes
- 2 vanilla beans cut in half lengthwise (scrape the inner part out of the shell, but use both parts in the tea base)
- 1 piece of ginseng root (optional)

Warm all ingredients for 20min on low temperature. Strain all the firm parts away, leaving you with a delicious longevity tea. The tea should be enjoyed with great friends without a hurry to go anyway.

This tea reduces stress and improves sleep quality. It warms your body especially well in cold conditions and opens the crown chakra.

Recipe by: Jaakko Halmetoja

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