FSF Recipes: Thumbprint Cookies with Goji Berry Jam
Posted on 19th March 2013, by Four Sigma Foods.

FSF Recipes: Thumbprint Cookies with Goji Berry Jam

(makes 7 servings)

Thumbprint Cookies

- 2 ripe bananas
- 0.5 dl (1/4 cup) of coconut flour
- 0.5 dl (1/4 cup) of macadamia nut oil
- 2 tbs of lemon juice
- 1 sachet of FSF Instant Cordyceps
- 0.5 tsp of cardamom
- pinch of high-quality salt

Blend all the ingredients in a high-powered blender until smooth dough, but be careful to not over-blend. Put some coconut flour on a plate and mold the dough into small cookies. Coconut flour makes a nice coating to the cookies. Press the center of each cookie with your thumb to make space for the goji berry jam.

Goji Berry Jam

- 1.5 dl (3/4 cup) of goji berries
- 1 tbs of chia seeds

Put the goji berries to a small bowl and coat them with small amount of water. Let soak for 15 minutes and blend the berries, soaking water and chia seeds in a high-powered blender until smooth. The chia seeds will
thicken the mixture into jam in 10 minutes. Fill thumbprint cookies with goji berry jam, and they are ready to be served and devoured!

Recipe and photos by: Maria Lonnqvist

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