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Posted on 16th August 2012, by Tero.

FSF Store

Around one year ago our first product recipes were ready to be tested and our team started to consider our go-to market strategy. So basically we considered how people would like to buy the kind of products we produce. As most food and beverage companies, we believed that people want to buy their food from the local health food store or supermarket so we focused on using “the channel”, which means paying a significant margin to distributors and retailers to represent us. We didn’t focus too much on online. Today, one year later, online is over 50% of our revenue, but our current solution for it is still pretty basic. I guess many of you have already noticed that! This is why we have recently build a bit more sophisticated way for people to get all our products anywhere in the world. Enter the FSF Store!

What is the FSF Store?

FSF Store is the place for all Four Sigma Foods products. This also includes all the great products that otherwise might not be allowed to be sold in your local brick-and-mortar. The FSF Store serves customers all over the world within each country’s individual importing regulations. We will have the best possible prices, especially with the bundle offers, just like before. The bundle offers allows us to give you free worldwide shipping even with fairly small orders.

With any order over 55€ you will get free shipping anywhere in the world!


Does this mean I can only buy from you online?

No. Absolutely not! See, most people who so far have bought from us are extremely health conscious and these people are quite IT savvy. They look for the latest information online and therefore it’s also a natural place to buy things. Besides serving these amazing pioneers, we want to serve the general population in order to democratize the real superfoods. We will actually embrace “the channel” even more and soon you will find many new places where to buy our products. We will remain as a multichannel company trying to offer you our products as an alternative option in as many possible ways as we can. This also means expanding to other locations than the health food store around the corner.

Here comes the FSF Bulk Superfoods

While we introduce the FSF Store, we are also launching 10 new products. One of the most common requests from us has been to buy rare tonic herbs directly. So now after dozens and dozens of requests, we decided to bend in our rules. So on August 20th we will start to ship our first 10 products from our FSF Bulk product line. All products will cost a mere 12€/bag, which is in most cases less than 50% of their “street price”. Plus many of these are strong extracts, which often bring more bang for your buck than normal powder would.

The new products are:

Observe – This solution will last only until we find a way to make these products even more fun and unique. We offer this as an extra service to our biggest fans, because we anyway get these products in a very economic way to ourselves, and because due to some country regulations you can’t buy these from retail. So there was very little extra hassle for us, but the day we find a cooler way to serve these nutritional rockstars, we will change the offering.

What are all these strange new foods?

FSF Bulk products are always one or several of the following: tonic, adaptogenic, natural whole food. This means they are extremely safe to use and suit everybody from growing kids to pensioners. Adaptogenic foods are known to improve the efficiency of our metabolic, neurological, immunologic, respiratory and endocrine systems. Basically they help to modulate our stress levels. They are calming when one is overexcited and invigorating when one is fatigued.

Effective, ecological, and economical raw ingredients, our FSF Bulk product line brings you some of the most legendary herbs and foods in a minimalistic form. Like always, they are all vegan and contain no common allergens, harmful chemicals, or any toxic crap for that matter. Just add a few of these classics to power up your daily meals.

Again, we will start to deliver the FSF Bulk Superfoods on August 20th. You can still place your order already now to ensure you are the first people to get them. We’ve made a limited first batch.

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