Introducing FSF Blends
Posted on 30th November 2012, by Tero.

Introducing FSF Blends

When we 3.5 months ago launched our FSF Store and our 1st generation bulk products, we already promised that we would step-by-step improve their usability. Well, I’m happy to tell you all that Four Sigma Foods remains as one of the fastest innovators in the industry and that today we’re launching 6 new improved product mixes made from medicinal mushroom and tonic herbs. We call them FSF Blends. Please join me in welcoming FSF Prince, FSF Princess, FSF Winning, FSF Mania, FSF Endurance, and FSF Focus to the portfolio!

***We will start to ship FSF Blends worldwide on Dec 7th 2012***

FSF Prince is an ecological herbal mix designed to improve the physical presence of men. The mix contains four strong natural steroid and sex boosters. Mucuna is a classic Indian sex booster, which is proven to boost the production of “brain hormones” like serotonin and dopamine. Cistanche is a traditional Chinese tonic “upper” that helps our body to assimilate and consume oxygen. Like the rest, it will also aid with general vitality, strength, and blood circulation. Finally there are Tongkat Ali root powder and Yohimbe bark extract, which are maybe the two best male sexual energy enhancers in the world. They are both proven to increase blood flow, sexual desire, performance, and durability. Basically FSF Prince will turn any urban prince into a Greek Adonis! Buy FSF Prince from HERE.

FSF Princess in a natural herbal mix designed to support the females with their hormonal system. The mix contains four powerful classic herbs to balance and boost feminine hormones. Codonopsis is an excellent adaptogen helping to increase energy levels naturally. There are many proofs how it has increased hemoglobin and the red blood cell count in our blood. Dong Quai is maybe the most valued female sex boosters in the world, which has also been used for ages to help women with menopause, perimenopause, abnormal menstruation, hot flashes, PMS, cramping, and vaginal dryness. The last two herbs are Mucuna and Cistanche, which work very similarly with women as with men. FSF Princess will make any modern lady into a “femme fatale”! Buy FSF Princess from HERE.

FSF Winning is a blend of the most studied and most praised medicinal mushrooms. The product contains an even mix of Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Turkey Tale, Maitake, Shiitake and Lion’s Mane. If something natural will boost your immune system, it’s these mushrooms. We’ve also added rosehip powder into it, which will give an abundant whole food source of vitamin C that is known to increase the absorption of the magnificent medicinal mushrooms. So this is an all-in-one type mix that will help you to reap all the main benefits of medicinal mushrooms at one go giving you pure winning attitude. Buy FSF Winning from HERE.

FSF Mania is a blend of seven truly ass kicking, yet a bit unfamiliar, medicinal mushrooms. The combination contains Tremella (Tremella fuciformis), Agaricus Blazei (Agaricus subrufescens), Irpex (Irpex lacteus), Shaggymane (Coprinus comatus), Jelly Ear (Auricularia auricula-judae), Pioppino (Agrocybe aegerita), and Meshima (Phellinus linteus). These mushrooms are used to treat many kinds of cancers, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune diseases, skin problems, and cardiovascular problems. Just like with FSF Winning, we’ve added rosehip powder to the mix for its vitamin C content. You only need to taste this a bit to know that it actually might be our most “nasty” product meant only for the true mushroom maniacs. Buy FSF Mania from HERE.

FSF Endurance combines the three herbs that are in several researches shown to improve aerobic and anaerobic endurance; Roseroot, Siberian Ginseng, and Schisandra. From soldiers to XC-skiers and from runners to the elderly, together they have increased people’s performance and recovery. We’ve used two types (powder and extract) of expensive Schisandra to make the mix even stronger. We also replaced our previous Siberian Ginseng and Roseroot powders with extracts, to bring more bang for your buck. Also based on our training and racing experiences this mix will support your endurance in a supernatural way. Buy FSF Endurance from HERE.

FSF Focus is a four-herb combination, which is perfect for anyone looking for a natural smart drug or mental booster. Gingko biloba has been proven to improve memory, concentration, and other mental faculties. It’s also said to provide relief for persons with headache, sinusitis, tinnitus, depression and vertigo. Gotu kola is another great brain tonic helping with intelligence and memory. It’s recommended for nervous disorders, including epilepsy, senility and premature aging. Roseroot and Siberian ginseng are also known as “brain herbs” helping people with concentration, memory, and mental clarity. All the four herbs will help to combat stress and bring ultimate focus to your life through Mother Nature. Buy FSF Focus from HERE.

How To Use

Just like our first bulk powders, FSF Blends ARE NOT meant to replace meals or be stand-alone products. They are daily BOOSTERS designed to give a little extra “spice” to your favorite juice, smoothie, sport drink, chocolate, dessert or basically any recipe. As many of them are extracts, they can stand the heat, but we still recommend using them with raw food meals. Just add 1 teaspoon daily to your snack and reap the benefits of their boosting capabilities.

These super herb blends were designed to be strong. If you have previous health problems and/or you are on medication, please consult your doctor and visit sites like for more details on each herb and mushroom. This background check is especially important with FSF Prince, which contains Yohimbe that is known to have side effects (e.g. for people with previous heart problems or insomnia). Also FSF Focus, which contains Gingko, should not be overdosed. Even with so called non-toxic herbs and mushrooms (e.g. chaga) we think one shouldn’t outsource their health decisions to any 3rd party or especially to some product manufacturer including us.

Rationale Behind All the New Products

When we created these recipes, we had three objectives in mind:

  1. Make our currents FSF Bulks into a more customer friendly format
  2. Introduce a few absolutely legendary herbs and mushrooms to a wider audience
  3. To create even more potent products compared to our current ones, which are already a bomb!

I’m proud to say, that we did all of these. If these mixes find their way to folks’ kitchens, we can of course focus on objective #1 even more, but I’m sure already now you guys will love these. I’m especially proud how strong they are. Without any (harmful) additives these classic super herbs will deliver to you the things that are rarely seen on the market. Of course we let you be the real judges.

In my personal experience most people don’t even realize how low their sexual drive is before they get it back. Or in how large brain fog they live in before it becomes crisp again. Or how big of a difference can a properly working immune system do to the whole body. I just hope through our products, or someone else’s, you all could at least once try all of these classic herbs and mushrooms. It just might open new doors. And if it doesn’t… well you can always go back to your previous routine.

With love and caring,


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