Posted on 2nd July 2015, by Markus.

Lesson 2 – How to choose the best mushroom product?

Lesson 2 – Watch out for scams! How to choose the best mushroom product? (5min read)

There is a lot of variety and confusion in the marketplace around the mushroom supplements. We think the following 5 steps are the most important when choosing the most effective mushroom product:

1) Extraction method
2) How are the mushrooms grown?
3) Amount of active ingredients
4) Dosage size
5) Ease-of-use

So let’s go through the above steps in more detail:

1) Extraction means how well the active ingredients are made bioavailable. Traditional way of consuming the woody and hard medicinal mushrooms has always been to brew them into a tea. That is the simple hot-water extraction that melts down the mushroom’s cell walls. On top of that, it is important to extract the mushrooms with alcohol to dissolve important fat-soluble compounds also. Dual-extraction is a combination of hot-water and alcohol-extraction, thus giving us the best bang for the buck.

2) Would you like to ingest rice powder in capsules? If the mushroom product is grown in rice, they have to grind it all together to get the mycelium (“roots” of the mushrooms). Thus Four Sigma Foods only uses fruiting bodies (i.e. the actual mushrooms) which are much harder to grow and process, but the only correct way! Watch here an experiment:

3) The better the extraction, the more you get for less. You want to get a standardized amount of the active ingredients, so make sure the polysaccharide content is at least 30%.

4) To get the therapeutic effects, you need to consume big enough dose of the mushrooms. Traditional use and science backs up that 500-1500 mg is the optimal amount per dose.

5) Most other companies encapsulate their mushrooms, whereas Four Sigma mushroom drink mixes are packed in their loose form. This allows us not to use any fillers or lubricants that are required in the filling of capsules. It is also much more fun to consume good tasting drink that has the potency of a handful of capsules. In liquid, everything is more fast-acting too.

See you in 2 days!

What do you think about taking supplements in a form other than a capsule?

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Four Sigmatic is a superfood company started by group of Finnish Funguys who got sick of using mushroom supplements that don't work. The company wants to help popularise medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, cordyceps, and lions mane with products like mushroom coffee and hot cocoa. The company was started in 2012 and launched it's products in the United States in 2015.

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