LUONTOlife FAQ – Why we do what we do
Posted on 11th December 2011, by Mikko.

LUONTOlife FAQ – Why we do what we do

What is LUONTOlife?

LUONTOlife Ltd is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in superfoods and healthier lifestyles. We study, share, innovate, produce, and hustle the world’s most nutrient-dense foods. We have a blog focused on these topics, called the Four Sigma Foods and our first super-simple instant beverages are available on selected markets.

How and when did you get started?

All our nine founding members have a link with Finland, and that’s how we know each other. Our health industry experience goes back to the 80s; the core team started to look for different product options in 2006, we started the actual business planning process in 2010, and finally in 2011 it all become official.

All our initial product and service ideas were linked with health and nutrition. The customer problem we wanted to solve was: how to gain maximum positive effects on our well-being, with the easiest possible choices. In particular, the current supplement business is full of cumbersome products that leave you with minimal (or non-existent) results. That’s why superfoods seemed obvious to us – by adding small things, you can create big effects. We also quickly realized that we need to innovate and find new ways to use superfoods, since big powder sacks and drug-like pills are far from convenient to use.

Why are you based in Hong Kong if you all come from Finland?

High-quality products are absolutely key for us! We wanted to be near to the source of our products, to minimize potential flaws in our manufacturing process. China just happens to be literally thousands of years ahead of the Western world in the area of superfoods, and they have the best-in-class environment to harvest them.

Straightforward and transparent legislation in Hong Kong allows us to focus our time and money to develop our business, instead of fighting against formalities. It is also one of the most important and busiest traffic hubs in the world, giving us effective access to everywhere on Earth.

In the future we will have many facilities on several continents, but even though we currently live in four different countries, Hong Kong is clearly the best choice for our headquarters.

Why are superfoods so special? Isn’t it enough that you eat normal food?

It all comes down to what you want. If you want to live an average life with average energy levels, feel tired often, and get sick once in a while, then yes – “normal food” is enough. And by normal food we mean mostly plant-based, fresh, natural, and home-cooked food. Not pre-heated, pre-cooked, additive-filled­­­, wheat, sugar and hydrogenated fat based food. If you want to be healthier, prevent ailments, boost your energy levels, get more things done, improve your sport performance without doping, and choose more sustainable options, then superfoods are just what you need.

Why would a normal person use reishi or cordyceps?

Simply to enhance the quality of life. Reishi can decrease fatigue, prevent ailments, and promote longevity. Western scientific research from last 30 years indicates that it can prevent various cancers, and it is used as an adjunct to modern cancer treatments (chemotherapy and radiation treatments). Cordyceps is an adaptogen (that is, it helps your body to adapt to stress) and the ultimate energy booster, without being a stimulant like caffeine. You can see the difference even after just one or two days of use, but greater benefits come after a longer period of continuous use. It is scientifically proven that the use of cordyceps can improve VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) by 9-15%. Cordyceps can increase your time-to-exhaustion, meaning you can work more, exercise more and enjoy yourself more without becoming exhausted.

Are there any research results that show reishi or cordyceps would be truly beneficial?

Yes. Loads. Both in the Western and in the Eastern cultures. Even though we don’t think scientific research tells it all, this is one of the main reasons we chose these specific ingredients as the base of our first products. Just to name a few, researchers from the University of British Columbia, Shanghai Normal University, Stanford University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and UC Davis have studied the health benefits of these products. We will be sharing the latest and greatest info on all our current and upcoming products on our Four Sigma Foods blog at

What’s the best way to use your products?

Different people like to use them differently. The most common way is to mix one serving of instant drink mix with a cup of hot beverage. This can be used as a substitute or supplement for a regular tea or coffee. You can also mix 1-2 servings of instant drink in a bottle of water in the morning, and then sip it throughout the day. An interesting way to use them is to mix FSF Instants in porridge or yogurt, along with raw honey or raw agave, and eat it. Athletes should try to use them a few hours before and after their daily exercise(s).

Is it very sustainable that you ship your products half way around the world?

To look at sustainability, you need to study the whole end-to-end ecosystem. Even though the air freight from Asia to North America might sound big to you, the actual production process of natural, plant-based (and especially wild) foods is significantly simpler than that of most standard western foods. Still, we constantly try to streamline our supply chains, to be more effective and sustainable.

And for that matter, most foods in our grocery stores are not locally produced, and they weigh much more than small bags of superfood mix. Superfoods are light, and many of them have a good shelf-life that will lead to the removal of unnecessary waste.

Do your products suit people with common allergies, such as lactose, gluten, whey, and soy?

Our products are 100% free of common allergens: eggs, legumes (such as peanuts and soybean), milk, seafood, tree nuts (such as pecan and almond) and wheat. However, it is worth mentioning that some people might be sensitive or allergic to Ganoderma genus mushrooms. Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) is the main ingredient of Instant Longevity.

Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes. All our products are vegan.



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Four Sigmatic is a superfood company started by group of Finnish Funguys who got sick of using mushroom supplements that don't work. The company wants to help popularise medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, cordyceps, and lions mane with products like mushroom coffee and hot cocoa. The company was started in 2012 and launched it's products in the United States in 2015.

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