Manuela Bosco

Actor / ex-Olympic Hurdler
Finland / Italy

As a busy individual I didn’t enjoy the constant boiling work of normal raw chaga powders. I tried the actual Instant Chaga product for few days and instantly felt that it’s THE BOMB! When Tero proposed me to take on the 30-day FSF Challenge with Instant Lion’s Mane I didn’t hesitate for a second.


Introducing myself to y’all

Hello FSF blog readers! My name is Manuela Bosco and I’m a Finnish-Italian artist. I would describe myself as a child of light, who likes to express my feelings mostly through acting and writing. I graduated from Theatre Academy (Accademia Europea D`Arte Drammatica) in Rome in 2009 and have been working on screen and stage since then. I also recently finished my first own novel in Finnish (Ylitys). Besides arts, I have a deep passion towards yoga/pilates, holistic health, and meditation. I run a small wellbeing practice focusing on energy healing (spiritual and physical), nutrition coaching, and functional training.

My journey with holistic health has been long and full of many colorful phases. I am a former hurdler and I was fortunate enough to compete at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. My career in athletics was full of ups and downs, but I was able to compete at the highest level both at the World Junior Championships and IAAF World Championships. This experience taught a lot about my mind, my body, and about life energy itself. I think that both health and wellness are very holistic concepts. You can’t separate the body and the mind.

Through my career as an athlete and nutritional coach I have almost two decades worth of experience around health and nutrition, which has helped me a bit to see the forest for the trees. These days I believe in plant-based nutrition and the healing power of herbs.

I believe that our body is intelligent

My excitement towards holistic wellness started roughly 8 years ago after I lost my father. This enormous “loss” made me ask for the first time, what is life, who am I, what should I do to be happy again, what should I know to be able to live the life I know inside my heart I have come to live? …And so, some fresh and wise thoughts started to flow into my life. One of the first really meaningful books I read was the Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. Before that I had the more typical mindset of an athlete, which was very left-brain oriented and performance driven. With her smart and deep insights Myss helped me to understand the tacit signals of our body, focus more on wellness, and interpret the body-mind connection in a much clearer way. This understanding has guided my journey for the last years and made it very interesting.

I think that our body is often wiser than our mind, and if we have done wrong choices it gives signal to our brain through various undesirable symptoms. I also believe that our health is directly linked with our daily choices, and despite whatever doctors say, we can’t outsource our health to a 3rd party. By tuning more into our body, we can hear its wisdom about yourself and about the world in general. This will hopefully lead to a more conscious society and caring individuals.

Discovering the FSF Instant mushroom beverages

This summer my path crossed with Tero from the FSF team and he told me about their products. As a health enthusiastic I had naturally heard and tested Chaga before, but it was the ease-of-use that got me excited about Instant Chaga. As a busy individual I didn’t enjoy the constant boiling work of normal raw chaga powders. I tried the actual Instant Chaga product for few days and instantly felt that it’s THE BOMB! When Tero proposed me to take on the 30-day Challenge with Instant Lion’s Mane I didn’t hesitate for a second. I have been working hard on some new projects, which have required me to work very long hours, so this was a perfect acid test to see if these products really work.

30-day Instant Lion’s Mane Challenge and more

I used Lion’s Mane 2-3 times a day for a bit over a month. Only after few days it became my current favorite drink of these four. It has a delicious and vitalizing taste. It gives me very good vibes, which I can try describe as “honest intensivity”. So this product is now my trusted partner that substitutes coffee and tea. It has helped me with intensive cognitive challenges in extended periods of time, and I feel the good spirit it has given me has also a huge “portion” in the overall good feeling I have had recently.

After the challenge I have also used Instant Reishi and Instant Cordyceps. Reishi has helped me to calm down after a long and vigorous work week. It has allowed to balance the thoughts from my work projects and harmonize my body in the evenings. It is far better than the “evening tea” products I have used before. Instant Cordyceps on the other hand has given me energy and boost during a few tough creative days. I have used it both in the mornings and in the afternoons, and the effects have been pleasantly natural and long-lasting. I haven’t felt the stimulative rush like with some other products that “hit me in the head with a hammer”. Works fast, but not too harshly.

All in all, I believe that the Four Sigma Foods products have come to stay in my diet and training regime. They are natural solutions, without any fancy-pancy recipe tricks. Just few simple, yet powerful ingredients. I love this minimalism. And what’s most important, I LOVE ALL OF THEIR TASTE! :P


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