New upgraded Instant Chaga and Cordyceps
Posted on 1st August 2014, by Lari.

New upgraded Instant Chaga and Cordyceps

Remember Zest and Spark, our first ever mushroom drinks?

We are catching up Apple and their iPhone as these brand new beauties of our Instant product family are the 4th generation mushrooms already! Down the road the design has seen quite a few changes and the recipes have been both tweaked with heavy hand and fine-tuned with silky clothes. A big thanks belongs to all of you, our customers and friends, who have provided endless feedback, both good and bad, which is essential in helping us to democratize the mushrooms in this world!

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” -Winston Churchill


So what is up with the latest updates? Besides all the boxes getting a lot of cool new details, the contents of two of the Instants got totally renewed. It’s time to launch brand new recipes for two of our all-time bestsellers. Meet the new Instant Chaga and Instant Cordyceps!

New Instant Cordyceps

New recipe: cordyceps, panax ginseng, licorice root, mint, rose hip, stevia

The new breakthrough recipe for our Instant Cordyceps is enhanced with the legendary, real Panax ginseng and rose hip for mind-blowing energy boost!

Even though “Cordy” has often been people’s favourite Instant also taste-wise, I claim to have found even more killer combo and wanted to do a few little tweaks to the recipe. In the cordyceps extract itself the bitterness is not too overwhelming so there was more room to play around. As many of you know, panax ginseng then again can be really bitter and astringent so it took some trial and error to get the ratios right.

So why ginseng? Main active component of panax ginseng, ginsenosides, resemble human hormones and so they work effectively in increasing metabolism and improving performance. Asian ginseng is actually one of the most widely used herbs in the world. All I can say is that it works like a charm together with cordyceps to get you going.

New Instant Chaga

New recipe: chaga, eleuthero, mint, rose hip

The updated Instant Chaga is pure immune boosting magic straight from Siberia with a taste that appreciates the chaga mushroom itself. It now contains a good dose of eleuthero, a herb native to Siberia, that is also known as “siberian ginseng” because of it’s overall performance boosting and immune-enhancing effects comparable to the actual Panax ginseng. Even though eleuthero is in the same family of plants as “the real ginseng”, they belong to different genus and are not too closely related. I love eleuthero for it’s pleasant taste, mild but noticeable effects and suitability for pretty much everybody. Studies have shown clear enhancement in T lymphocyte activity by eleuthero which is essential for proper immune functioning.

Simplicity is beautiful and I wanted to give people the authentic chaga taste so we decided to remove the stevia! Replaced with a nice pinch of rose hip for natural vitamin C that gives a good taste and enhances the absorption of medicinal mushrooms in general. With this mix you get a dark and strong but pleasant tasting drink. I might never drink a cup of coffee again without mixing in a sachet of the new Instant Chaga ;)

Enter Lari’s experimental kitchen

lari1How do I end up with these exact recipes? Essentials are of course the spellbook from my grand-grandmother, a crow on the shoulder and a few drops of dragon saliva. Ok, just kidding but an overdose of herbs and mushrooms that results from a prolonged developing and tasting session is a true story every now and then.

I’ve always loved to look for new and special tastes and trying to tell apart fine nuances in tastes and smells. The experiences come to use when trying to choose which recipe version people could like more; the one with 0.68 grams or 0.72 grams of mint and how it results in the acridness of the cordyceps creeping in on the aftertaste. On top of that I want to be sure that the ingredients work well and safely together and that the doses are appropriate. So basically the process goes from an idea through studying and consulting people to experimenting and finally sampling a lot of people. Special thanks to the whole FSF team, my friends and family, our target groups and everybody else that fell victim again to tasting a random mushroom sample!

When are they available?

From our webstore all orders from now on will be fulfilled with new boxes that also include these new recipes for Chaga and Cordyceps. Our distributors are getting the new boxes as we speak and they will be showing up in your closest health food shop as the old stock solds out :)

The best news comes the last – double the efficacy and benefits but the price stays the same! As we personally know a great number of high quality herbal and mushroom producers around the world, we are able to source the best of the best natural products in an economical way. No middlemen, no overhead logistics or other problems, just pure goodness and solutions the FSF way!

Keep on shroomin’!


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