No. 2 – Can Do
Posted on 7th January 2014, by Anna Schulze-Wenck.

No. 2 – Can Do

It is quite common in Japan to get an enema when you are being brought to a hospital. Many discomforts seem to vanish after you successfully dropped the kids at the pool. While many people have problems discussing their regularity it might be kind of helpful to put more focus on the topic if you are experiencing disturbances in wellbeing.

Give it a try anyway, you might feel better than ever before!

Please don´t worry now, you will not have to go to extremes, even though a colon hydro therapy might do wonders for the way your body digests vitamins and minerals in the future, plus you might get rid of a lot of toxin buildup in the system.

There is also the tactic of the little steps that are easily introduced to every day living:

1. Go easy – go chia seeds
They are small, they are packed with good fatty acids and they can make a great vegan chocolate pudding. Two teaspoons a day give a good push into the right direction – my husband loves them. We take let them soak in water and drink them with breakfast, but you can also toss them over your cereals.

2.Introducing probiotics – the smallest of the little helpers.
Think big when it comes to numbers, the more bacteria strains the better. There are plenty nice products on the market, I personally browse in health food stores and rely on other customers opinions.

3. Produce your own probiotics
- cultivate Kombucha
- make your own joghurt
- make your own Kefir
- ferment your own veggies, sauerkraut for example – since I am German

4. Drink enough water
Being hydrated is underrated. The easiest and somehow the most difficult thing to remember is to drink enough. If you are suffering from constipation, try drinking a large glass of water on an empty stomach – you might as well put some ginger or lemon juice in it, but just plain water does the magic trick.

5. Master the disaster with enemas
The colon cleanse in home edition is not for everybody, but I have tried sillier things to get rid of illnesses. It takes a little practice, but the benefits are countless. I strictly resist taking any pills and if I ever have a bad headache, if it is not from a hangover, you can kill it in an instance with some nice water flushing through your system.

Taking your health into your own hands is a very good thing. Remember that everybody is different, sometimes you will have to try what works best for your body. If things are fun it is easier to make it a habit and stick to it.

Have a happy new year, take risks, enjoy adventures, stick your nose over the edge of your plate!


Anna is one of our guest bloggers. She is a 46-year-old freelance fashion photographer from a small town in Northern Germany. Anna and her husband Hellmut travel around the world because of their shared profession and also their quest for warmer weather. They met each other 18 years ago in the fashion photography circles and it was a “love-at-first-sight” thing. After almost two decades they still do everything together from work to grocery shopping.

Anna’s job is hectic and 15-16 workdays are not rare which has guided her towards more wholesome eating habits. Avoiding the “brain fog” has helped to be a better professional. These days Anna is very interested in disease prevention and anti-aging strategies. She feels it’s her privilege to be able to share her journey and findings with all of you.

Image credits: Anna Schulze-Wenck


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