On Being Centered
Posted on 12th February 2012, by Tero.

On Being Centered

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”
-Lao Tzu


I like to call certain life balance as “being centered”. I think some people are more “centered” than others and that sometimes people around me suddenly lose their “center”. I’m not the only person using this expression and actually it’s some kind of a Self-Help pop-word. But what does being centered truly mean? Does it mean finding your individual “weight” not being too skinny or too fat? Or does it mean living through your own life values? Or could it be some kind of spiritual fulfillment? It could be all of these, but as a practical man I have a practical way of looking at it.

I think being centered means that your inner self is very close to the person you both show to others and what you would like to become. So your dream personality and the front you keep are very near to the person you truly are.

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I think that the more centered someone is, the more aware he or she becomes of things that can’t be explained through science. We notice the so-called Tacit Signals. Us humans naturally try to maintain homeostasis or life balance. Being centered doesn’t mean that you’ll never change, but more that the change is smoother. When change is needed, using ready-tested tools and processes help. But you can only be what you are in this very moment.

The beauty of being centered is that it only last for a moment before you need to adjust again. Life is eternal balancing. Things that can disturb that balance big time:
- Divorce
- Death of a close one
- Sudden unemployment
- Severe illness
- War
- Any identity crisis

I don’t think anyone can force himself or herself to become centered. You can’t get it at a Personal Development seminar. It doesn’t live in a yoga studio. Any book doesn’t really guarantee you inner peace. Being a regular at Whole Food Market, doesn’t make you something you are truly not. So aiming at success and harmony doesn’t help. You can’t pursue it, but it will ensue when you live your own life in your own way.

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