On Having Fun
Posted on 7th January 2014, by Olli Posti.

On Having Fun


Take a look at R. Kelly’s shopping list:

Source: www.vulture.com

Not a lot of health food there. But the guy is very comfortable with himself. There are secrets to health and wellbeing way beyond the scope of food and nutrition. Individuals who have mastered the art of “living in your own reality”, can truly live like kings in today’s world.

In this text I want to talk about a few common issues concerning this whole holistic health & spiritual consciousness movement – and then solve them.

The problems are:

A) “Holistic health” is not quite holistic – some of the people in the movement are at times some of the most serious-minded controller types you can find. Often you can find higher forms of creative joy, lightness of life, sexual superpowers and other “Fruit of the Spirit” outside the church walls – or, in this case, healthfoodstore walls. Really: I can sit down with some not-so health minded friends, and they all look healthier than most of my health-minded colleagues. What’s up with that?

B) Consciousness movement is mostly not very conscious. Some of the most ‘spiritual’ people are the least inspired, least allowing and most judgmental. You’ve seen this, I’m sure.

Using cutesy words like “love”, “organic” and *selflessness” doesn’t change the underlying sin mentality. Oftentimes it’s still the same oppressive mindsets we learned from our parents, teachers, newsmedia – fellow prisoners and lifelong jail mates – just decorated in sweeter language.

This is all good, in fact, it’s quite fun to observe – whether in myself or others. Laughter heals.


How do we solve all this?


When I’m unequivocally enjoying my life, there’s no need to let others even know how great it is – and it’s very much fun to share too, invite others in.


1. First step is to forget all about ‘spirituality’, that is, condemnatory sinlessness & being the goody-good holistic health person – and just enjoy creating the kind of life you, and you specifically, like and truly take pleasure in. If you love money, great! In case there’s a ‘spiritual’ text condemning your inspiration, **** **** *** with it if that gives you permission to like whatever makes you feel radiantly awesome. For some, it might be hanging out butt-naked in nothing but sweat socks & house shoes in your own houseparty; another might like to set up things so he gets to write daily and plug away with his guitar whenever; a third fella drives around in his cool minivan meeting customers all day. City, location, how you set up your house, how you dress, groom and present yourself with the people who inspire you… All this might turn out to be immensely more important, than all my wheatgrassgrowing- ancient indian mantra humming spiritual practice combined. It all starts with adjusting to my actual modern day environment, and going for the kinds of (social) circumstances that get me pumped for excitement every day. When I’m unequivocally enjoying my life, there’s no need to let others even know how great it is – and it’s very much fun to share too, invite others in. Usually the kinds who light up for similar pursuits & purposes. There’s no need, but it’s sickeningly entertaining.

2. Take a look at the pop stars – and compare that to your favorite health expert – and then decide which ones you truly desire to follow. Who’s got the Energy? Who’s least inhibited in living out their bliss?

3. By all means, keep studying holistic health, natural nutrition, spiritual principles, life purpose and all that – but only when you really feel like it. When I’m totally stoked about this new teacher I’ve found on the internet, and totally want to just devour all her books, audios and videos all at once, surely I’ll let myself indulge. But I’m no longer expecting nor wishing myself to be always into more data, more knowledge. I’m sure it’s much much healthier to enjoy some piano, improvise some choruses with that new interesting person I just met, play some tennis, experience something new and uplifting; basically rejoice in my body, surroundings, other bodies and their energies… There’s enough info already, so pick the parts that completely captivate your interest – to the point that you keep reading even when you could as easily attend something that’s actually fun. All the other reading; all the studying one does feeling “I’d rather be out in the woods skiing right now” is not only obsolete, but definitely harmful to one’s progress let alone health. Go out there and play – knowing that once you’ve played enough and recovered, your natural curiosity will lead to another gripping discovery or irresistible study session.


Real Life and purposeful work mean there’s gonna be some big emotions. In fact, that’s the only way to get really good at anything.


4. Why am I so openly mocking consciousness, spirituality and holistic health? Because the first step toward sustainable holiness is to take it lightly. The first principle in consciousness is not to think much but rather awaken to one’s senses, feelings, surroundings, all this enjoyable interconnectedness. The most important point about living in harmony with one’s environment, is to live lightly. Levity makes us unstoppable – out of reach for all the oppressive forces that we so often spend our lives “fighting” against :) Holistic health is recognized and accompanied by the nicest feelings one can imagine. Nobody feels good (nor healthy) feeling restricted or restrained in any of our cravings. All your desires (even the forbidden ones) are there for a reason. Go for it. Probably you won’t get it, might even screw up a thing or two – but you set in motion energies and (inner) developments that at some point suddenly cause you to get it and then some, once you’re half ready. Desire is the father of all learning. And then you keep going, taking your compelling vision to another level. Every moment you exert pursuing what thrills you, is counted as a plus for the long run. Real Life and purposeful work mean there’s gonna be some big emotions. In fact, that’s the only way to get really good at anything.


“Best way to help the poor is not to be one of them.” Same goes for defeating tyranny in this world. Let’s be the opposite <3

I am saying that we should all be a bit like R. Kelly: completely unapologetic about money (lots of it), power, desire for great sex, all that fun stuff. It’s actually quite spiritual, the more you get into it. Don’t take it from me: ask Napoleon Hill, arguably the most revered spiritual author ever. Desiring something nice, and going for it – even when the church comes after you for it :) Isn’t that what Jesus did; precisely what Martin Luther, Augustinus, you name it… Let’s get inspired by others who also lead a life of Strong Intentions. So many “spiritual” people hold thenselves back, and sometimes others as well, from what makes life most healing: going for all you want, fulfilling all your desires – especially the ones the naysayers feel most uncomfortable with in themselves :)

Ken Wilber said it best: “In spirituality, we tend to condemn all the things that basically give us trouble in life: money, sex, power…”. How childish is that! :) We can do much better; we can find better solutions than just “shutting off” the truly challenging (read: fascinating) areas of ourselves. We can corageously strive for it all, integrating even the most dificult parts into one’s womanhood or manhood. We didn’t come to this world to shun this world. We came here to embrace all this funky stuff you get to explore perhaps only in this particular plane.

David Deida says to “Start from where you’re at.” The only genuinely healthy, grounded and sustainable way to ever ‘transcend our earthly desires’, is to fulfill them first – and, in my opinion, keep them that way, and in fact, keep going even higher. Wealth is easily way more spiritual – and delightfully challenging, rivetingly growth-inducing, upliftingly potential-containing – than all earth’s poverty combined. Expansion is more unusual than contractive stagnation which is never all that ground-breakingly novel nor remarkably creative. I may not technically have much money yet, but I absolutely and quite openly adore wealth in all its forms – and thus get to spend time with some of the most impressive value producers of our society. I can tell you, they are the interesting ones, the unrestricted ones.

Most of the usual discouragement comes from power structures and old institutions, fighting for their continuation by keeping the masses busy, ignorant and powerless. We’ve all been brainwashed since day one, so sometimes it’s yourself – and I can almost guarantee, sometimes it’s me, or another one of your favorite teachers ;) It’s all good, we’re all in the process of liberating the last remnants of our binding chains; still on the way to one’s fullest expression. Sometimes “the chain” is your most open-minded spiritual peers and dearest friends. Judgementality, whatever form it takes, is always a reminder to value those peers who are as clearly and wholeheartedly focused on their pleasures as you are… and to go have some fun together. Look for positive buddies who get excited about your dreams; turned on by your aspirations; real friends who appreciate your achievements, support your projects, pump up your ambition, co-clarify your vision. When a “spiritual” person shoots another’s enthusiasm down, rest assured they’re in fact some of the least spiritual cases, at least for now, and feel free to see some other people. Give them some time to come back to their senses (out of their heads).

For me I notice nowadays that, more often than not, fun = work. If you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Kelly:

Believe it or not, your swag side, business side and sexy side might be some of the most significant components in your holistic wellbeing – as a complete human being, on this very earth. Next time we meet, I wanna see you show off a bit ;)

Our guest blogger Olli was a promising rational thinker and tennis player from Eastern Finland, until one of the worst degenerative diseases of our time forced him to look for new – as well as very old – solutions, outside the narrow box of western medical thinking. Every answer led to even more intriguing questions such as “then why are we being lied to about the true causes of health?” and even “how does society actually work then?” all the way to “what is this reality, what is this world?” Now he has some pretty appealing answers to deliver – the kinds of answers you’re not allowed to know, let alone talk about. Olli has a passion for “liberation through empowerment” (as opposed to controlling subjugation), which he delivers though personal coaching, blogging, and public speaking. He’s all about making life tasty, luscious and gracefully elegant.


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