Photographers assistant is looking for a job
Posted on 2nd April 2014, by Anna Schulze-Wenck.

Photographers assistant is looking for a job

I offer:
- a taxi license for Capetown, New York, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Miami, Mallorca
- knowledge in Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere
- capability to work with all the leading camera brands
- a master degree in psychology to tame hysterical models and calm photographers nerves on a rainy day


Working for the advertising industry is not a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” job. But I don´t blame anybody for having a naïve perspective, I´ve had the same until I was hit by reality.

It is a strong believe that photographers:
- party every day with supermodels
- just push a camera button and earn a fortune
- are chaotic creative big kids that can not handle a budget properly

Yes, that would be great indeed and it would be a dream job for sure.

In real life you have a tight budget and need to keep it, no matter if its rain or shine. You need to deliver a certain output of high quality photographs every day. There is no such thing like a weekend. Travel days are not being paid, working days are 12-16 hours long, clients don´t like problems. You are competing with all the other guys that can hold a camera in their hands and call themselves a photographer… but cut your rate in half – some clients fall pray to this illusion and regret it later.

But – from a perspective of personal growths I still recommend becoming a freelance photographer. In the last 18 years of travelling the world I have learned so much and the person I am today is the result of all the efforts that I had to put into my business life. All those jumps into cold water, leaving my comfort zones, facing my fears and overcoming them.


The obstacle of living out of a suitcase taught me that I need less in my life than I have thought before.
Being a constant traveller, curiosity became a habit of mine and still guides me to beautiful locations and makes me want to connect with interesting people. Being together with a young crew lets me forget my own age. If you don´t start thinking old chances are you will stay younger longer.

I have seen enough other sides to tell that the grass is not greener there. Health and happiness are the number one priority in life, nothing can compensate for those treasures! I encourage you to stop avoiding uncomfortable and challenging moments, those are natural parts of our lives. “No pain, no gain” or “per aspera ad astra” (‘To the stars with difficulties.’) are my affirmations.

Stay hungry, stay foolish!
Steve Jobs

Anna is one of our guest bloggers. She is a 46-year-old freelance fashion photographer from a small town in Northern Germany. Anna and her husband Hellmut travel around the world because of their shared profession and also their quest for warmer weather. They met each other 18 years ago in the fashion photography circles and it was a “love-at-first-sight” thing. After almost two decades they still do everything together from work to grocery shopping.

Anna’s job is hectic and 15-16 workdays are not rare which has guided her towards more wholesome eating habits. Avoiding the “brain fog” has helped to be a better professional. These days Anna is very interested in disease prevention and anti-aging strategies. She feels it’s her privilege to be able to share her journey and findings with all of you.

Image credits: Anna Schulze-Wenck


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