Superfoods — Will I become superhuman?
Posted on 1st January 2012, by Mikko.

Superfoods — Will I become superhuman?



The short answer is yes . . . and no. The long answer is, well, long, but I will do my best to make it as succinct as possible.

The definition of Superfood

– above, over, beyond
– to a great or extreme degree
– having great influence, capacity, etc., than another of its kind

– any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth

Therefore, superfoods are edible or drinkable nutritious substances that have a greater influence than any other food. Superfoods are over and above the average. They are better. Actually, they are super!

Credit: Alliecooper

It’s all about quality

Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? It’s 100% true. If you eat high-quality foods, your body has high-quality resources to maintain and perfect the complex system called Yourself. If you eat shit, your body will have quite shitty resources to maintain the system, and nothing functions as it should because your body lacks the necessary building blocks that your body needs to thrive. Here’s an example.

A comparison of two laptops: Laptop A is made of titanium, aluminium, and gorilla glass. It has a quad processor, an SSD, the best RAM memory ever made, a thunderbolt, a long-lasting battery, a marvelous design, and a state-of-art operation system. Laptop B is made of plastic. It has a duo processor, an HDD, 2GB of RAM memory, USB 1.0, and the battery lasts only a few hours. Its finish feels cheap, and the operating system is Windows Vista. You can probably guess that Laptop A is more expensive than Laptop B and that it will last longer. It is more stable, functions better, doesn’t crash that often, if ever, and the battery lasts longer and gets ready faster, and you can also run more complex tasks on it. All of this means that you can be more productive with Laptop A, and after a period of time, it will pay for itself and actually allow you to make more money and be happier than you would be if you used Laptop B.

The same principle applies to the food you eat. Choosing quality over quantity is smart. By taking the higher-quality food over the lower-quality equivalent, you are investing in yourself. It doesn’t matter if there is a recession or if a subprime crisis occurs in future. These investments will always be smart.

– Fast food is like the Commodore 64—it has nothing to offer to you
– Potato is like an old laptop—you can live with it, but it’s not worthwhile
– Broccoli is like an excellent laptop—it helps you a lot, but most people incorrectly think it’s the best thing in the world
– Superfoods are like a supercomputer—only some people know they exist, and even fewer can access them, but if you do, a whole new world is open for you

Will you become superhuman if you eat superfoods?

The definition of superhuman is vague, but, in any case, Dominic Lacasse is a true superhuman.

Yes, superfoods provide your body with high-quality building blocks to make it function more effectively. They boost your immune system, enhance your brain activity, protect your cells, make you more energetic, help your body balance itself, make your skin look smooth and young, and they can enhance your mood and bring back your zest for life.

There are a few caveats, though. You can’t start by eating one superfood and expect the results mentioned above. You need to eat a variety of superfoods for optimal results. You need to have a balanced and healthy diet as a foundation to build on. A fast-food diet along with superfoods just doesn’t work; there’s no quality in fast foods, and these things are all about quality, as you know already. Eating superfoods for only a week and expecting results just doesn’t work. Your body needs more time to rehabilitate itself after a long period of low-quality food. They don’t build skyscrapers in a week either.

Credit: Wolfsavard

If you eat a wide variety of superfoods, as well as maintain a healthy diet for a long time, will you then become superhuman?

It’s all up to you. You have build up your supercomputer. It’s there now. Congratulations! You now need to learn how to use it and decide what to do with it. These are things ONLY you can do.

So what are YOU going to do?

- Mikko


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